With over 20 years of healthcare industry experience & global delivery capability, ALTEN Calsoft Labs, a healthcare IT services provider, has built a dedicated Healthcare Center of Excellence involving industry experts, consultants, architects, developers and QA analysts.   With strong domain, technology and process expertise, the company is helping healthcare providers, healthcare payers, life Sciences organizations, medical devices and medical technology companies achieve new levels of productivity, promote new models of care delivery & connected health, deliver health management solutions and empower patients. As a healthcare IT services provider, Alten Calsoft labs delivers healthcare solutions to address key challenges that the industry faces driving Innovation, Integration, and Transformation through technology.




Healthcare Providers

With our deep expertise in functional areas and extensive experience in executing large scale projects for Hospital Information Systems, we help providers with services to develop highly functional, cost-effective healthcare information systems while helping to deliver support, promote quality care and comply with regulatory mandates.

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Healthcare Payers

Using our digital expertise and customer experience, ALTEN Calsoft Labs strategizes helping payers achieve better results and guarantees a seamless customer experience by provisioning population health management solutions.

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Medical Devices

Services for hospital solutions create an environment where devices are integrated to ensure the data is presented in the right format and improve health outcomes. Our services help connect medical devices to the electronic medical record, enabling flow of information for healthcare professionals to consult the medical record as the single source for each patient.

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Life Sciences & CRO

ALTEN Calsoft Labs works with Life Science companies including CRO, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Organizations, in providing quality consultants, to work in Phase I to Phase IV of Clinical Trials. The consultants have experience working in therapeutic areas like Oncology, Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Hematology, Vaccines, etc.

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We help Medical technology companies to constantly win over the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of their markets with emerging digital technologies like big data, mobility, cloud technologies and predictive analytics, while continuing to focus on supporting, maintaining and growing existing applications with large user base.

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  • Healthcare IT Services

  • Digital Health Innovations

  • Smart Connected Health

With ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ strong domain, technology and process expertise, we are helping Providers, Payers, Life Sciences organizations, Medical Devices Companies & Medical Technology companies to achieve new levels of productivity, promote new models of care delivery and empower patients.

  • Application Development, Support and Maintenance
  • HL7 Interoperability Development Services including Mirth
  • Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Health Management Solutions
  • Connected Health
  • Quality Assurance & Test Automation
  • Cloud / SaaS Enablement


We help you leverage the power of next-generation digital health innovations & technologies to seize every significant opportunity.

  • Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC)
  • Experience Design

Using IoT technology, we  do the following to ameliorate our Healthcare IT Services.

  • Improve the quality of care
  • Enhance patient experiences
  • Enable remote patient monitoring
  • Promote disruptive health management solutions
  • Optimize operational processes, staff efficiency and medical equipment utilization


Interoperability for Population Health Management

Integrated with Interoperability framework for Analytics of Care and Risk Management

Remote Patient Care

Automating the home health care, Track Wellness, Remote Monitoring/ Demonstrations/ Evaluation using Mobility Solutions & IoT Devices integration

EHR Clinical Decision Alerts

Mobility Solutions for Clinicians towards Schedules, Vitals, Results, Demographics of patients, etc.

Care Connect

Patient Centric / Public health initiative / Campaigns / Prescription assistance – Cloud based Communication platform