The gap existing between healthcare IT and nursing needed to be bridged by a groundbreaking application that integrates wireless network, information technology devices and online charts. ALTEN Calsoft Labs alleviated the process through the launch of an innovative iOS app coined as WorkCenter Anywhere which is actually a mobile nursing station. With a vision of connected and holistic care delivery, the nurse monitoring system aims clinical work amelioration and nurses workflow betterment.

To promote patient safety, the mobile nurse app supports data integration among different Hospital information systems and hardware devices in a hospital. Reduced time for documentation and increased time for direct patient care are certainly the keys to escalate patient satisfaction. Our company looks forward to improve nurse skillfulness and productivity with iPhone/iPad enabled mobile nursing station.


Features of Our Mobile Nursing Station are

  • An iOS7 native mobile nurse application
  • Prompt generation of patient-specific nursing charts with an intuitive interface
  • Graphical display of historical patient reports for speedy analysis and diagnosis
  • Effective practice management and nurse monitoring system
  • Tagged list view of patients with one of underneath status
    • Reviewed
    • To be Reviewed
  • Filtered view of patient details according you the following touchstones both in textual and intuitive graphical format
    • Temperature
    • Height and Weight
    • Heart Rate
    • Blood Sugar monitor
    • Blood Pressure


Benefits of Our Mobile Nursing Station are

  • An eco-friendly solution for hospitals that saves paper
  • Easy to use mobile nurse application that allows nurses to spend more time beside patients
  • Streamlines nursing operations by automatic chart updation
  • An intelligent nurse monitoring system that ensures optimal performance
  • Time saving yet accurate and handy mobile nursing station



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