Today’s digital world faces numerous challenges in delivering exceptional user experience, increasing the importance UX Engineering. Some of such challenges are:

• Demanding customers with different age groups
• Globalization & Localization preferences across countries
• Development of an integrated agile user experience strategy to improve product adoption and advocacy

• Enhance business innovation through customized UX designs

User experience (UX) is focused on delivering more than the checklist of client’s requirements in terms of ease of use and interaction. We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs ensure joy to use over easy to use and provide a seamless experience through a full fledged design strategy. Our UX Engineering team has been involved in engineering UX for 500+ desktop, internet, mobile, SaaS/cloud based applications with modular, reusable UI for many of the global top enterprises. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ constant endeavor is to create user-centric designs, primarily by working on prototypes, task analysis, scenario, usability research and review. To incorporate the “fun to use” aspect in our UX design solutions, we conduct user interviews, contextual inquiries, field research and surveys. Our company is a pioneer in developing next generation UX designs comprising of adaptive and gesture based UI optimized for various mobile and cloud platforms.

Our end-to-end services right from consulting, design to specialized services enables organizations create a strong user experience for both internal and end user facing IT applications – thus helping enterprises & technology companies maximize their IT investments and meet business objectives and goals. Leveraging our industry specific hybrid UX Design & Management Framework, we enable organizations in:

• Identifying meaning, sense, form, style in every aspect of UX Design & Management Process

• Identifying different personas in a business workflow and provide a new structure and meaning

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has helped customers implement better UX designs in Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education & eLearning, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Retail, High-Tech industries with effective and immersive user experience. Fusion of design thinking and cutting-edge technology makes us a pioneer in crafting tactile experiences touching millions of life everyday.

Our Approach to UX Engineering:

Product Development Approach: Design and thinking are an integral part of our culture. Every product demands an appropriate strategy that decides the appropriate approaches. ALTEN Calsoft Labs inherits Design Thinking as an integral part. We embrace the approach recommended by this experience design strategy. Be it agile – a finished product which is an outcome of different iterations or lean – a core feature build and will be iterated as it progresses, we master in that.

Design Sprint Approach: A team combined of multi-skilled people come together and build on an idea into a quick prototype. Instead of spending months in a MVP to validate an idea, this is a smart way to validate the idea. Think and make workshop models that can work parallel in an integrated way.

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We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs understand the world of IoT and the need of experience in the current radical evolution of technology from digital devices to wearables, beacon and further towards bio-chips which is moving beyond just a graphical interface to sensors, gestures and voices. We craft holistic experience seamless across every touch points for a connected system through crafting unique brand value across the eco-system.


ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ experience in delivering vertical specific design solutions for the complex enterprise applications through user-centric design approach towards the goal of rapid user adoption leveraging the interactions and interface simple. Our understating of verticals and industry makes as pioneer in creating meaningful interactions and experience.


Get your data transformed into insights with our state-of-the-art vertical aware, platform agnostic. Not just representation of data in a chart form, gain a deep understanding of every aspects of data visualization towards delivering powerful insight in a glace through less cognitive load.


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Design Consulting

In ALTEN Calsoft Labs, with our disruptive design thinking and Human Centered Design approach, we help our customers build a product which is not just functional but also usable for human needs.

Our UX Consulting and Persuasive Experience Design Portfolio includes:

  • Information Architecture
  • Expert Reviews
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • User Experience Workshop
  • Persuasion and Emotional Evaluation
  • Emotional Trigger for User Behavior
  • Parallax Design
Product Innovation

ALTEN Calsoft Labs, being a cutting-edge technology centre and design thinker, understands evolution of the future technology, trends and facts of UX design and innovates the contemporary to a much evolved future ready product for your business. We believe that:

Cutting-Edge Technology x Design Thinking = Innovation

Our Product Innovation Service Portfolio includes:

  • Responsive Design
  • UX Design
  • Experience Design
  • UX Re-engineering
  • UX UI Development
  • Prototyping and Process Integration
  • Frameworks Development
  • Digital Content Management
  • Legacy Modernization
Prototype Interface Design

ALTEN Calsoft Labs helps to build a quick tangible prototype of your idea, simulating almost all the aspects of it as a tangible one to test and validate. It helps in transforming an idea into human needs to grow with your business.

Our UI Testing Portfolio includes:

  • Multi-device, Multi-browser Testing
  • Tool Based Automation Testing
  • Mobile Device Testing
Minimum Viable Product

We understand your world of product development and we are here helping and partnering with many start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to build products, bring it early to the market and test, measure, iterate progressively to position the products success. Our skill-set includes

  • Adaptive UI/Interface Design
  • UX UI Development
  • Creative Design and Branding
  • Technical Documentation and Support
  • Mobile UX
  • UX for SaaS/Cloud


Mobile-First World

Portals & Content


Web of Things



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