TR069 Device Management

TR069 Remote Management

One of the challenges operators will face is to maintain quality, consistency, and reliability of services to Enterprise M2M customers. Telco operators are turning to remote management of CPE and soon M2M devices to provision and manage advanced services while reducing support costs and customer churn.

TR-069, the Broadband Forum’s CPE WAN management protocol, is now the de-facto standard for remote CPE management. TR-069 provides standardized remote device management for residential gateways and other devices. It provides the necessary framework for efficient, scalable and secure provisioning, to support a wide variety of broadband services.

ACL offers a TR-069 Client based on CPE WAN Management Protocol, a software component that can be easily integrated with devices like residential gateways, Set Top boxes, Femtocell devices and other home networking devices to make the devices remotely manageable from an Auto Configuration Server.

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