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Many organizations does not have enough information about the cyber threats they face or their own security posture to defend themselves adequately. Instead they are stuck in a reactive or compliance-driven approach to cyber security with no clear vision or blueprint for reaching any other state. In the rush to keep up with the Threat intelligence trend, organizations are purchasing standalone solutions that work in silos, making it impossible to achieve a true proactive posture and efficiently orchestrate security solutions and processes to achieve maximum value. It’s not enough to implement new controls and technologies around systems. To fully harness the power of Threat intelligence, your organization must make the case for an intelligence-driven security approach and identify the right people to staff the program. To evolve a defensive posture, you must source the right threat data, shift through the noise, discover and implement the right process and methodologies, implement automation, and improve information sharing both internally between teams and externally with your supply chain partners, peers across the industry, and public organizations. Of course, not all organizations have the resources and organizational structures needed to implement a comprehensive threat intelligence program. Threat intelligence is an iterative process with defined maturity levels and milestones.

Threat intelligence platform from ALTEN Calsoft Labs delivers proactive defense by transforming threat intelligence into automated security action. It monitors your external risk profile, aggregates and analyses tens of thousands of threats, and automates the risk mitigation lifecycle. Our groundbreaking data-mining algorithms and unique machine learning capabilities continuously scan the surface, deep and dark web to deliver actionable, contextual reconnaissance about potential threats to your organization, employees, executives and board members, and seamlessly integrate with your existing security solutions to eliminate operational vulnerabilities, secure data, and protect resources.

Passive defences are a necessary component of a well-designed cyber defense program, but they are no longer sufficient to address increasingly sophisticated threats. To prepare their attacks, threat actors can buy the same security devices used by a target and craft their tools and/or methodologies to make sure the attack will be undetected and successful. Organisations are using SIEM to aggregate and analyse threat intelligence data from diverse sources internally. But the external view of TTP’s are not know to SIEM tools.

Our Threat Intelligence platform automatically serves up relevant insights in real time and at unparalleled scale. The platform lets you put any type of threat intelligence where you need it. By centralizing sources of threat data, enabling collaboration on analysis, and integrating with your security infrastructure.

The key enhancement of our Threat intelligence platforms are mentioned below

Streamline Your Security Operations and Alert Triage with Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat intelligence platform provides SOC analysts with the additional information and context necessary to triage alerts promptly. And this isn’t just about taking action more quickly — improving the “time to no” for irrelevant alerts can lead to tremendous time savings over the course of an average day. In addition, you can incorporate threat intelligence into your security operations and SIEM workflows very quickly and with minimal interruption of your current processes.

At its heart, threat intelligence for the SOC is about enriching internal alerts with the external information and context necessary to make risk-based decisions.

Most importantly, this enrichment enables SOC analysts to quickly identify the most significant threats and take immediate action to resolve them.

If you have invested significantly in security operations and supporting technologies, there are a number of ways you can utilize external threat intelligence to help combat “alert fatigue” within your organization. This intelligence can provide a great deal of context to the indicators you’re seeing from internal sources, which in turn can bring significant advantages, including:

  • Much faster identification of which alerts really matter.
  • Rapidly enriched intelligence on uncovered indicators.
  • Context from sources other than threat feeds of technical indicators.

Threat intelligence Platform from ALTEN Calsoft Labs is powered by machine learning to deliver the invaluable context in real time, bringing these key capabilities to applying threat intelligence in a SIEM tool

Correlation: – SIEM can instantly correlate internal data with any external threat intelligence, aiding faster investigation of potential IOC’s to more rapidly rule out invalid alert

Enrichment: – Context around newly uncovered indicators is visible with a single click, including risk scoring designed to inform faster security decisions

Analytics: – Monitoring for internal IP addresses, hostnames, domains or subdomains in external sources becomes a starting point for investigating a potential compromise.

Threat intelligence platform prioritise vulnerabilities more effectively

You’ve probably already made a significant investment in technology to scan for vulnerable systems. Your scanner also might be able to see whether a vulnerability is theoretically exploitable, but that’s still only giving you half the story, or three quarters of it, at best. Without an understanding of the real-world risks posed by a vulnerability, the drive to not interrupt business continuity could override the patching of those vulnerabilities that pose a genuine threat.

To make good decisions, defenders need better, faster insights into active threats. Threat intelligence provides you with the information and context you need to weigh the potential disruption of applying a patch against the real-world threat posed by a vulnerability. That real-world threat might present itself as a vulnerability being added to an existing exploit kit.

To get the maximum impact in the fastest time, integrate vulnerability scanning with ALTEN Calsoft labs Threat intelligence platform to get real-time context so that you’re handling vulnerabilities with true visibility into proof of concepts, exploits, and malware. As a result, you might patch less, but you’ll patch right.

Deep and Dark web monitoring to identify leaked Data and Brand risk

Organisations risk surface would be leaked corporate credentials and Data. Secured inside Data with in your networks ends up being publicly accessible or falls into the hands of threat actor communities. These kinds of breaches happen because password reuse is rife, developers use online open source tools to build corporate code, or systems are hacked and the data is dumped. There is also the possibility that threat actors are discussing your organization as a potential target for new attacks, are recruiting insiders, or are looking to sell breached corporate data. Without visibility of this type of “adversaries,” the risk of being blindsided by an attack is ever present.

These harder to reach parts of the internet have been corporate data and code can stay undetected by the businesses they belong to. Ultimately, this kind of data loss passes threat actors the tools necessary to pick the locks of corporate networks.

The business remain unknown of the volume of breached Data because it hides in places that are not able to access by normal search engines. This means investigating to uncover the Data with manual or Open source tools will end up being time consuming and inefficient.

The business remain unknown of the volume of breached Data because it hides in places that are not able to access by normal search engines. This means investigating to uncover the Data with manual or Open source tools will end up being time consuming and inefficient.

Effective threat intelligence will enable you to continuously monitor the right types of sources, including the dark web, to uncover intelligence that’s really relevant to your organization. Being alerted to these kind of insights in real time means you give yourself a chance to act, before that inside knowledge can be used against you in an attack.

Monitoring external sources for this type of intelligence will not just dramatically increase your visibility, but will also enable a more effective use of your available resources to assess your level of risk and execute a timely response.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs Threat intelligence platform monitors tens of thousands of sources across the surface, deep and dark web to deliver tailored threat intelligence specific to your brand, assets, and employees. It has Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) built in to scan through multiple external data Sources. Key capabilities of the platform are:

External Risk analysis and Brand Monitoring – Continuously monitor and analyse your organizations domains, IP addresses, DLP indicators, mobile applications, social media pages, secret projects, and technologies in use, BINs, VIP names and emails to identify and validate threats to your organization.

Threat Alerts and Prioritisation – Analyse and prioritize potential attacks, data leakage, brand imitation and reputation, phishing attacks, external system vulnerability and VIP alerts to classify and respond to targeted threats.

SOC Operational Awareness – Share continuous risk alerts with other departments including compliance, IT, public affairs, legal, R&D, fraud and HR to manage and eliminate risks to partners, employees, customers and brand.

Threat Intelligence Platform provides a Real-World View of Risk Through Monitoring and Threat Trend Data

When most businesses build their risk profile, they start by defining which assets are at risk, then they align the necessary controls to mitigate that risk. Using internal data to inform this has some value, but it will not provide enough context to build a comprehensive view, and certainly not to define an entire strategy. Techniques like penetration testing can help to understand where gaps exist, but they still lack that real-world threat context. While budgets have risen in recent years, in many cases, they still lag behind what’s actually needed to build a comprehensive security function. As a result, most organizations find themselves in a position where they can’t invest in everything — you must choose your security technologies and services wisely. The end goal is to be able to judge that risk and make investments backed by sound knowledge of the true threat landscape.

Effective threat intelligence provides visibility from an incredibly broad set of external data sources. Access to information on emerging threats and recent cyberattacks provides a more holistic view of risk and the cyber threat landscape. This insight can then be applied to a logical method for making decisions about investments in security, such as deciding which protection strategies you’ll pursue, or where you’ll look to deploy skills and personnel. These actions will all be informed by a risk profile created not only for defining what assets must be protected, but also the ways those assets should be protected.

Each organization has its own unique risk profile, based on the industry, country, and internal climate it finds itself in. Threat intelligence helps security leaders to understand their organization’s most pressing threats, making the task of identifying (and justifying) areas for investment much simpler.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs Threat intelligence platform aggregates threat feeds and prioritizes IOCs in a single threat management platform for accelerated triage, response and remediation. It provides Feed Aggregation & Correlation by dynamically configure and ingest community, agency, commercial, open source and industry threat feeds and extract IOCs for analysis in a single dashboard. The platform will automate IOC evaluation and scoring based on context, severity and relevance.

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