ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ test automation framework leverages our expertise in testing multiple releases of complex business applications and technologies. Our Test Automation Framework uses a combination of action-keyword and data-driven approaches to ensure a high degree of reusability. With built-in keywords of our Automation Testing Framework, you can jump-start your test automation for Web applications, client-server, mainframe systems and mobile applications.

Features of our Test Automation Framework

The central component of ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Automation Testing Framework is a test driver, which orchestrates test automation along with open Source tools like Selenium, Auto IT, Sikuli and Licensed tools like HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) software, Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and IBM Rotational Functional Tester. The Test Automation Framework can be integrated with open-source Test Management tools like Testopia and Defect Management tools like Bugzilla.

The software testing framework brings about measurable improvement and consistency in test coverage and quality assurance as well as reduction in the effort and cycle time for regression testing in the long run, by ensuring a high degree of reusability. Moreover, due to breakdown of test cases into a series of basic action keywords, the preparation and execution of automated test cases can be done even with limited knowledge of automation scripting.


Test Case Steps

  • Action Keywords and Parameter values
  • Interact with the AUT
  • Simulate user action using GUI


Action Keywords Library

  • Actions driving the tests, Ex: btnClick represents clicking a push button, txtEdit represents entering text into text object, etc.


Utilities Library

  • Library and User Defined Function Execution


Test Data File

  • Reuse Scenarios for Multiple Datasets



  • The test execution starts with MainTestCaller script. MainTestCaller script reads the Test Selector, which controls the test run.


Test Resul

  • The pass/fail results are logged against each test case ID.
  • Includes snapshot of the error captured jpeg / bmp file
  • Containing details of test run such as environment tested (i.e. URL) high level statistics i.e. number of tests run, failed, passed, etc.


  • Guarantees high performance
  • Ensures enhanced scalability
  • Faster quality product launch
  • Defect Detection Efficiency
  • Maximum Test Coverage and Quality Assurance
  • Highest Percentage of Automated Test Scripts
  • Manual Test Effort Reduction through Automation Testing



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