What do you mean by Software Defined Everything?

Software Defined Everything (SDE) refers to ways how virtualization and hardware workload abstraction brings in more flexibility and agility in information technology (IT) infrastructures. It has a variety of software defined computing technologies under its wings.

With the advent of Software Defined Everything (SDE), the computing infrastructure continues to be virtualized and delivered as a service. Intelligent software automates the management and control of storage, networking and data centre infrastructure in a software defined everything environment.

What are the technologies that come under the umbrella of Software Defined Everything?
Deploy, provision, configure and manage infrastructure leveraging software and automate your work. The software defined computing technologies that come under the wings of Software Defined Everything are:


Software Defined Networking (SDN): SDN is an approach heading towards computer networking that permits network administrators to carry out network service management through lower level functionality abstraction. This facilitates the administrator in processing a quick response to regularly changing business needs. SDN brings on-board enhanced network flexibility and agility.
Software Defined Storage(SDS): SDS is an approach heading towards computer data storage software for policy-based provisioning management and hardware independent data storage management. Decoupling tasks from physical storage hardware, SDS allows the storage administrators to pool and manage storage resources based on policies and administered configurations.


Software Defined Data Centre(SDDC): It is an approach heading towards data centre automation utilizing software. Here, virtualization of infrastructure (network, storage, CPU, security) is delivered as a service. SDDC aims to separate hardware infrastructure into separate virtual machines so that concurrent service delivery to multiple clients become possible.


How ALTEN Calsoft Labs can help in Software Defined Everything?
Software Defined Everything (SDE) sets the crossroad for virtualization and computing infrastructure reining the power of next generation delivery models that intelligently manage and control storage, networking and data centre infrastructure. ALTEN Calsoft Labs explores the wide scope of SDE working on domains like:

  • Software Defined Processes
  • Software Defined Systems
  • Software Defined Infrastructure
  • thereby paving the path for a Software Defined Everyday.
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