ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ team of expertized engineers has been delivering unmatched design and verification services and solutions to a number of semiconductor vendors across the globe. Our RTL design, ASIC and AMS Verification Services, and Gate Level Simulation help you achieve bug free design. Since 1992, we have been delivering sustainable business value to our customers combining excellence with technology innovation, integration and transformation.

Design Services: Our team has vast knowledge in various aspects of RTL Design flow on chips that are extensively used in networking, mobile, automotive, multimedia and processor sectors. Our design service suite consists of the following:

  • SoC Architecture
  • IP Micro Architecture
  • RTL (Register-Transfer Level) Design
  • SoC Integration
  • Linting, CDC
  • Low Power Checks
  • Synthesis
  • LEC (Logical Equivalence Check)
  • Timing & DFT

ASIC Verification: ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ verification team has proven its expertise in design and verification from scratch. Our verification service suite consists of the following:

  • Architecture
  • Test Bench Development
  • IP Verification
  • SoC Verification
  • Assertions
  • Formal Verification
  • Power Awareness
  • AMS Verification
  • Performance Tests


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