A member of ETSI NFV ISG, ALTEN Calsoft Labs is also actively involved in virtualization of network functions, service chaining and SDN-NFV integration in both Enterprise and Service Provider environments.

We offer professional services to SDN Controller vendors and VNF providers to develop the SDN-NFV deployment blueprint, define the integration points, and build adapters to integrate SDN controller(s) with physical network elements, VNFCs, NFV orchestrator (NFVO) and operations support systems in a large enterprise or Service Provider network.

Our experience of working with industry leading SDN Controllers, developing SDN applications for different SDN domains (e.g. Data center / Transport / Service Edge), NFV Orchestration, Service Lifecycle Management and Northbound Integration with Operations Support Systems (OSS/BSS) makes us an ideal Consulting and Systems Integration (SI) Partner.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs supports Network Equipment Manufacturers in design, development & deployment of Software-Defined Networks. ALTEN Calsoft Labs has strong industry knowledge and expertise in OpenFlow enablement of Network Elements, SDN Controller Development, SDN Application Development and SDN-NFV Integration.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has worked with different open source SDN Controllers such as NOX, POX, Beacon, Floodlight, OpenDaylight (ODL), OpenContrail, Ryu, etc. We also offer SDN application development and systems integration services across various commercial SDN Controllers such as NEC Programmable Flow Controller, Cyan Blue Planet, HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller, Juniper Contrail, etc.


Miscellaneous Services

  • OpenFlow 1.3/1.4 Enablement of Switches/Routers
  • SDN Controller Extensions and Feature Enhancements
  • Element Adapter Development for SDN Deployment in a Multi-Vendor Network Environment
  • SDN Application Development for Data Center, WAN, Service Edge and Enterprise Use Cases
  • OpenFlow Compliance Testing, SDN Controller Applications Testing and Interoperability Testing of Network Elements with Controllers
  • SDN Controller and SDN Application Integration with Legacy NMS/OSS and NFV Orchestrators
  • SDN Solution Deployment and Operations Support (as professional services partner to NEMs)



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