ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers SDN application development and systems integration services for different open source and commercial SDN Controllers such as NOX, POX, Beacon, Ryu, OpenDaylight (ODL), Cyan® Blue Planet, HP VAN Controller, NEC Programmable Flow®, etc.

Our services include new SDN Application Development to support custom use cases, SDN Application porting to a different SDN Controller, and SDN Application integration with other operations/ business support and network management systems (OSS/BSS & NMS) for end-to-end service lifecycle management.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has experience of developing SDN applications in the following key areas for Data centers, Packet-optical Transport and Metro Service Edge.


Network Engineering Applications
  • Network Management
  • Security Policy Enforcement
  • Traffic Engineering
  • QoS Policy Enforcement
Service Management Applications
  • Automated (multi-layer, multi-vendor) Network Provisioning
  • Virtual Private Cloud Provisioning
  • SLA Monitoring
Revenue Generating Applications
  • Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)
  • Big Data Applications (based on L4-L7 data)
  • End-to-End QoS Management



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