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In a survey conducted by Pew Internet, majority of respondents accentuated Robotics and Artificial intelligence as the key digital accelerators that would pervade and touch every aspect of human life by 2025.

With a lot of excitement, expectations running sky-high, enterprises are keen to capitalize on the strategic and financial benefits that Digital, RPA and AI bring in for diverse industries such as Healthcare & Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Financials, Transport and Logistics, Unified Customer Service, and Smart home.

We at ALTEN Calsoft Labs, bring out the robots out of human. Our automation services have enabled enterprises to automate and accelerate business process transformation, maximize ROI and process efficiency – so that you can concentrate on innovation and deliver winning customer experiences.

Our team has in depth expertise in traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for business rules and workflow driven environment, along with Cognitive automation that deals with intelligent, smart, self-learning software robots used to automate end-to- end business processes with in-built cognitive elements comprising Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and enterprise grade analytics to provide actionable insights.

RPA centre of excellence

Today, nearly every industry that comes to our mind is firming up their plans to kick start automation projects to reap benefits. We have set up a dedicated RPA centre of excellence to consult and assist our customer in crafting a scalable, future proof roadmap to build self-sustaining robots.

Our strong industry expertise coupled with experience RPA evangelists create an indelible mark on
the culture of the organization w.r.t. RPA adoption in terms of:

  • Communicating with key stakeholders viz., Sponsor, Success Champion, Change Agent etc for RPA POC/project
  • Assessing the RPA POC/project requirements
  • Defining business goals and objectives
  • Identifying, Incubating, Building and Scaling up required RPA skills viz., – BA, Architect, Infrastructure engineers, Supervisors and Support
  • Executing RPA POC/Project with clear ROI
  • Validating the ROI and deciding on the next steps

To accomplish this, we have devised a unique framework (inspired by Design Thinking) to formulate a robotic process automation strategy – beginning with IDEATE, DEFINE, POC/PROTOTYPE, TEST & SCALE.



Assess Automation requirements

  • Communicate & Meet with all stakeholders
  • Educate them on RPA
  • Assess business objectives, requirements
  • Identify candidate business processes for automation
  • Impact and Risk Analysis


Define Business needs and Goals

  • Identify business pain points and challenges
  • Decide on KPIs to measure business value and ROI
  • Articulate benefits clearly


Build optimal execution team

  • Integrate right team
    • Who will develop the robot?
    • Who will test the robot?
    • Who will Manage the robot?
  • Identify Automation tool & technology platforms
  • Execute the POC
  • Provide clear ROI Analysis


POC/Pilot Plan – The road ahead

  • Plan for scaling up POC
  • Build a strong consensus, and buy in on the potential benefits of automation
  • ROI Validation
  • Finetune approach and solution
  • Establish a strong RPA Governance Model

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Intelligent Chatbot As Virtual Travel Agents

An AI driven NLP based Travel  Agent that helps Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), Airline companies to engage meaningful conversations with their customers to help them search for flights and hotels. The agent answers simple customer queries using a conversational language, providing users a personalized, interactive experience.

We have built bots across industries.


RPA has evolved by leaps and bounds over the years. It has become a mainstream focus for many industries as they are trying to integrate robotics and advanced digital technology platforms to achieve true automation.

Industrial process
  • RPA in Healthcare
    • Patient data processing
    • Claims Underwriting and Processing
    • Medical Coding
    • Medical billing and Processing
    • Patient Payment Consolidation
  • RPA in Higher Education
    • Student Payment Processing
    • Education ERP Automation – Oracle, PeopleSoft, Banner, Jenzabar, PowerCampus
  • RPA in Manufacturing
    • Logistics Automation
    • Invoice Generation and Validation
    • ERP Business workflow automation
    • Dynamic Product price comparisons
  • RPA in Travel & Hospitality
    • Competitor Pricing Analysis
    • Automated Guest Checking, Room Booking
    • Travel Package Selection and Recommendation
    • Payment Processing
  • RPA in Banking
    • Compliance
    • Accounts Payable
    • Mortgage processing
    • Credit card & Loan processing
    • Fraud Detection
    • KYC process
    • Report Automation
    • Account Closure Process
    • Customer service
  • RPA in Retail
    • Procurement & Inventory Management
    • Order Processing and Payments
    • Communication between Manufacturers, Suppliers, Third Party Logistics, and Customers
    • Product Data and Catalogue Management
    • Product Merchandizing
    • Demand & Supply Planning
    • Workforce Scheduling
  • RPA Software
    • Load, Stress, performance testing of mobile apps
    • Defect Tracking & Management
    • Test suite automation
  • RPA in BPO
    • Contact Centre Automation
    • Conversational IVR for human like response
  • RPA in Finance
    • Accelerate period-end processing
    • Update master accounts and legal entities across systems
    • Maintain attributes across systems
    • Generate reports
    • Handle adjustments
    • Tax provisioning
    • Tax liability scenarios
  • Desktop Automation
  • Screen indexing/Data extraction
  • GUI Automation
  • Mainframe & Legacy Workflow Automation


Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

A Quick Introduction to Robotic Process Automation, what can RPA do to make your company more efficient, improve product quality, and increase customer satisfaction and how it is different from traditional automation.

RPA Demo and RPA Usecases

We explained Robotic Process Automation before. Now watch the real world Robotic Process Automation Use cases and RPA demo, which can support your business.

Getting Started with RPA

Overwhelmed with how to get started with Robotic Process Automation? This video covers – What to Know? and Where to Start?



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