With more consumers hooked to mobile and online shopping, the brick-and-mortar retail stores are struggling hard to meet their ever changing expectations. Although the route to the hearts, minds and wallets of the consumers has evolved, stores are by no means dead. It’s just that retailers need innovative ways to leverage technology to enhance the in-store customer experience and detract shoppers from simply ‘showrooming.’

Retailers need to amalgamate their online presences and brick and mortar store operations into an omni-channel approach to deliver consistency and continuity across the several touch points that consumers touch in their purchase journeys. However, it’s not just about bringing the convenience and speed of the online shopping experience into the store. The ultimate goal is to help consumers reduce the scope of their search and simplify their shopping experience, and in the process, make retail stores more intuitive and brands more lucrative.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs equips retailers with vast array of solutions and services to ensure that in-store shopper experience leads to more shoppers per store, more visits per customer and more minutes per visit. Our Digital In-Store portfolio is designed to support each retailer on their own unique journey to bring their vision of omnichannel store to life. We efficiently leverage our analytics and API management expertise to ensure that vast amounts of interactions over digital touch points lead to the right actions at the right moment and the right place. Also, our standard microservices architecture allows swift data exchanges with existing IT systems and infrastructure, eliminating the need of complete overhaul.



Our Digital In-store transformation experts studies the brand story and existing architecture and handhold the customers in their journey of physical store transformation through our consulting services.

  • Vision and Strategy Definition
  • Technical and Organizational Actualization
  • Innovations and Ideations
Experience Design
  • Brand Story Visualization and Design
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Prototype interface Design
  • UI/UX Development or Re-engineering

We have enabled brick and mortar stores build a solid instore strategy adapting in-store trends to revamp the entire shopping journey of a consumer using latest in-store technologies viz, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Smart Mirrors and Chat Bots etc.

  • Digital Signage Development
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Geo-Fencing using GPS, RFID & Beacon
  • Actionable Alerts & Insights
  • Store Sales Assist Apps Integrating customer, employee, product portfolio and physical store
  • Smart Shelves, Virtual Trial Rooms and Digital Mirrors implementing Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Workforce Scheduling
  • Inventory Management & POS Solutions
  • Order Management
  • Kiosk Applications
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