Bedrock that Powers the Omnichannel Experience for Retailers

Retailers need to quickly adapt to the evolving landscape and provide multi-channel engagement across web, mobile, social and brick-and-mortar stores to stay relevant and attract new customers or maximize wallet share of existing customers. Traditionally, retailers relied on proprietary protocols for developing applications, making it extremely difficult to integrate across ever-growing digital channels.

To stay relevant and competitive, retailers are expected to develop scalable software solutions at an incredibly high speed. Microservice architecture along with omnichannel APIs remove the complexities of underlying systems to help build solutions faster, achieve seamless and scalable digital front-end experiences.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs empowers retailers with true omnichannel experiences by efficiently leveraging the potential of APIs and Microservices architecture. Our architecture centre of excellence is focused on developing frameworks and accelerators to enhance productivity, provide best practices and guidelines for microservices architecture implementation to Retailers.

We have been a reliable engineering partner for global retail companies in crafting their Omni-channel retail strategy through API and Micro services enablement.

Some of the value propositions that we offered include:

  • Connect with Customers on any device, anywhere
  • Brand loyalty with Personalized Customer Experiences
  • Wow Users with rapid innovations
  • Win Customers through seamless experience
  • Modular, Faster and Cheaper software application/product development

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Personalized Customer Experience

We have proven experience in providing secure connectivity between the customer and the retailers. Leveraging a huge amount of contextual data flowing and captured through APIs – e.g. transactional data from stores, online, mobile, call centres and kiosks; demographic data; social data and much more, we have built scalable solutions and platforms that analyse the data to provide real-time, personal and contextual targeting to increase sales, brand awareness and drive loyalty.

Embedded Commerce

Using APIs, we have dramatically extended the reach of retailer’s online ecommerce capabilities by embedding their merchandise on other websites, social channels and even on in-store digital signage or shelves.

Supply Chain Management

Retailers can’t rely on traditional methodology like EDI any longer to streamline supply chain operations. APIs are secure and undoubtedly the fastest, seamless way to retrieve data on-demand and make well informed decisions in the supply chain.

We leverage API & Microservices in Supply Chain Management strategy to enable retailers realize following benefits:

  • Real-time Connection – APIs transmit data in nanoseconds, resulting in real-time freight transportation management.
  • Standardization of Data – APIs govern the type and format of calls, or communications, that any specific application can make of another associated program.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – Allows retailers to add or remove components without affecting other parts of a large enterprise system
  • Lower Cost – The integration of APIs requires very less cost and time, helping retailers go-to-market quickly and witnessing higher revenue margin
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