According to PwC, “65% of US consumers shop across at least two channels, while 21% use four or five channels to shop.” Though majority of customer interactions take place online, brick and mortar stores remain the favoured destination for shoppers to complete a transaction.So, connecting both the worlds with next-gen retail IT solutions is the burning need of traditional retailers to emerge as Omnichannel retailer.

Retail industry has seen drastic changes in the consumer behaviour and witnessed paradigm shifts in the way consumers shop. Today’s, digital and tech savvy shoppers have greater access to information which enables them to make informed decisions and derive maximum value out of their spending. Social tools, Smart mobile apps with Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR), Shoppable advertisements, Digital signage & Beacon technology are now influencing their shopping experience and has changed the way they Discover, Evaluate, Purchase, Receive and Return goods.

Retailers are working hard to develop capabilities around new age, cutting-edge technologies and to provide their customers multiple touchpoints to satisfy their elevated expectations. The customer journey in this connected retail space happens to initiate at one touchpoint and tends to complete at different one. It’s vital for retailers to have rich personalized digital experience across all the channels whether it’s offline or online.

Thus, traditional retailers need to change their business models and leverage next-gen retail technology services to keep pace and excel as digital merchandizers. Success can’t be achieved by building multiple channels or touchpoints alone but those channels needs to be integrated by breaking down the silos. Omnichannel retail can be the ultimate solution by seamlessly integrating the best of both digital and physical worlds at each step of the shopper experience.

At ALTEN Calsoft Labs, we unlock the potential of omnichannel for our customers, thereby empowering them to provide Omni-channel Retailing, offer seamless & personalized experience across multiple channels to their distributors & customers. With an extensive experience of 10+ years in delivering connected retail IT solutions for Wholesale (Cash and Carry or B2B) & Retail (B2C), we cater to world’s leading retailers and several Tier 1 enterprises.

Our Value Proposition

ALTEN Calsoft Labs is a pioneer in crafting connected, integrated Omnichannel experiences that extend traditional store boundaries by integrating stores on web and mobile to provide prompt, consistent and quality customer service.

  • Omnichannel Retail CoE with certified, trained Omnichannel consultants, delivering world class retail IT consulting
  • Strategic partnerships with industry leading digital technology product vendors strengthens our retail IT services
  • Highly efficient Ecommerce and Content Management Platform expertise, UI/UX CoE – our in-house design innovation team leverages design thinking, cutting-edge UI and Rich Internet applications to make customers go WOW!!

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At ALTEN Calsoft Labs, we help retailers to discover their own unique journey to omnichannel adoption, based on their customers, competitors, digital assets and infrastructure.


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