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IR Learner & Designer Kit Development

The client envisaged to design and develop IR Learner & Designer kit intended for use in classrooms to control multiple audio and visual devices such as projectors, DVD players and audio amplifiers easily using the keypad on the controller…

June 24, 2016

K-12 EDU Controller Development

The client envisaged to develop a K-12 EDU controller intended for use in classrooms.It allows teachers and students to control multiple audio and visual devices such as projectors,DVD players and audio amplifiers easily using the keypad on the controller…

Mobile Application to Capture and Monitor Patient Vitals

We build an iOS mobile application that can capture vital patient information and made it available for physicians from anywhere, anytime…

Mobile Care Circle Application for Empowering Affordable care Integrated Healthcare Management

We encouraged the customer’s healthcare solutions to empower all stakeholders to liberate the highest quality and most efficient care, with a network of 74,000 physicians and 44 million…

Mobile eLearning Framework

The customer is an eLearning start-up that offers customized learning solutions for K12 schools…

Mobile enabled Glucometer Application for Blood Sugar Monitoring

We developed a 2Net enabled mobile application that could connect to an end-to-end system including the glucometer device,Qualcomm Life’s 2Net gateways (2Net network hub), 2Net platform’s cloud component with a high level of security and precision…

Mobile Enabled Remote Patient Care

We developed a cross platform mobile solution to automate quality care delivery in remote locations.The solution should allow hospitals, care providing agencies and individual practitioners manage their operations efficiently and effectively…

Mobile Nursing Station

For a leading healthcare technology company providing connected health solutions to hospitals in the US…

Mobile Payment Solution for Universities

The customer is a leading company focused on helping college business offices manage operations and provide enhanced service to students…

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Virtual WLAN Controller solution

The explosive growth of Wi-Fi enabled devices are forcing enterprises and service providers to rapidly scale the WLAN network administration and management infrastructure, implement fine-grained security and QoS policies, and […]

Virtual CPE Framework

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Virtual CPE (vCPE) framework is a reusable software stack that can be used by Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) to deliver customized vCPE solutions to telecom operators. The […]

VLSI Design & Verification

Today’s ASIC/SoC designers are faced with the challenge of managing increasing complexity in functionality, integration of multiple processor cores & hardware acceleration engines, increasing chip size, decreasing time-to-market and decreasing […]

WLAN Product Development

Enterprise and Carrier WiFi equipment market is seeing a surge in demand with proliferation of connected devices, cloud computing and social applications. However, this has thrown up new challenges for […]

LearnSync Solution

LearnSync offers a flexible, scalable and maintainable learning platform built on platform thinking and syllabus model. Read more..

June 29, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV HCM+

Microsoft Dynamics NAV HCM+ helps you efficiently manage your human resources by organising and controlling information about your employees. Being an extension to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this solution enables the […]


BYOD SUPPORT Enable organizations to allows employees to use their own devices without compromising data and application security policy Read more..

Building IoT Solutions

Due to decrease in price of micro-controllers and its increase in performance, enhancements in sensing technologies, decrease in wireless technologies and phenomenal cloud infrastructure, there has been huge increase in the number of connected devices in the […]

July 6, 2016

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