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IoT based Heart Monitoring: A Realtime cardiac analysis for a Medical Device Company

Add real-time cardiac analysis functionality and extend existing wearable ECG data recorder battery life from 24 hours…

March 5, 2019

Integration & Upgradation of legacy System for Flow Cytometer

A Leading Medical Device Company. Need to improve speed and precision of a flow cytometer…

Design of Portable Artificial Kidney for a Medical device Company

Need to design a low cost, easy to use machine and disposable daily filter set/consumables with built in safety systems to enable 3x per week…

IoT driven Artificial Wearable Kidney

Need to Design a low cost (both machine and disposable daily filter set/consumables), extremely light weight, battery…

Electronic Clinical Trial for a Pharma Research Company

An integrated clinical trials solution with patient recruitment, data collection, analysis and tracking. The data for analysis used to come from different…

March 12, 2019

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