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Air Data Unit Design

The client envisaged to design an Air Data Unit (ADU) which is a device that measures aerodynamic parameters (air data) such as air speed, altitude, air…

June 24, 2016

Analytics and Dashboard Development for a leading online market places

ANALYTICS AND DASHBOARD DEVELOPMENT FOR A LEADING ONLINE MARKET PLACE About the Client The customer is a leading online market place company. Business need The client envisaged to design an

Analytics Services for a leading Grocery & General merchandise retailer

ANALYTICS SERVICES FOR A LEADING GROCERY & GENERAL MERCHANDISE RETAILER About the Client The customer is a world’s leading grocery and general merchandise retailer. Business need The customer envisaged to

Analytics and Dashboard Development for a leading online e-commerce retailer

ANALYTICS AND DASHBOARD DEVELOPMENT FOR A LEADING ONLINE E-COMMERCE RETAILER About the Client The customer is a leading online e-commerce retailer. Business need The customer envisaged to develop product level

Attendance solutions

Implementation of MS Dynamics NAV 2009 for Trading ATTENDANCE SOLUTIONS About the Client The client is a specialist in software research, product development, design, training,career consultancy and other support activities

Automation Testing Solution for Healthcare Technology Vendor

AUTOMATION TESTING SOLUTION FOR HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY VENDOR About the Client The customer is a leading provider of software services catering to the needs of the healthcare industry, focusing on advanced

Barcode printers

Implementation of MS Dynamics NAV 2009 for Trading BARCODE PRINTERS About the Client The client is an acknowledged leader in business automation products. Business need The client envisaged to focus

BLDC Based Ceiling Fan Solution

BLDC BASED CEILING FAN SOLUTION About the Client The client is a leading client fan manufacturers. Business need The client envisaged a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor based ceiling fan control

Check21 System Development for Cheque & Document Scanning

CHECK21 SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT FOR CHEQUE & DOCUMENT SCANNING About the Client The client is a market leader in publishing industry Business need Check21 System scans and checks A4 size documents

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Wireless Mesh Solution

Wireless Mesh Networking standards and technologies have been undergoing lot of developments in last 5+ years. After lot of deliberations and proposals, wireless mesh networking is yet to be leveraged […]

EMS Solutions

A Network Management System is used to manage and monitor one or more network devices. The function of an Element Management System is to manage Network elements. EMS solutions today have to be […]

GPS GPRS GSM Based Mobile Asset Tracing

Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) enable the tracking of all kinds of mobile assets accurately and provide their real time positions to the owners on a 24 by 7 basis over […]

How much Compliance does your EHR Understand?

Process regulations and compliance have been the major gauges brought in by regulatory authorities in U.S. to ensure that hospitals not only adopt electronic process for their day to day […]

IT ICT Adoption in indian higher education

Higher education plays a pivotal role in the development of a country, as it is viewed as a powerful means to build knowledge based society. In India, higher education imparted […]

Mobile Application Security

The objective of this paper is to help the developer community across organizations apply necessary security mechanisms while building their mobile applications. The exponential growth in the number of mobile […]

Mobile App Testing Best Practicess

The basic frame of software testers’ mind-set is attuned to check documentation, functionality, stability, API and performance and make sure that the software application is secure from all vulnerabilities and […]

Porting MFC WIN32 Applications To Mac Os X

Mac OS X supports multiple development technologies like Cocoa object-oriented framework, to compensate J2SE 1.3 and 1.4.2 implementations, of common UNIX tools and scripting languages. Apple provides an advanced XCode […]

Precision Medicine Over The Years

The first steps taken with respect to Precision Medicine in the eighties, has not progressed over the last many years. The year 1988 laid the foundation for the first genetically […]

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With over 20 years of experience in partnering with Europe’s finest Automotive OEMs & Tier 1s, Alten Calsoft Labs provide product design and engineering services throughout the automotive ecosystem. ALTEN […]

Cloud Enabled Connected Healthcare

Healthcare industry is transitioning itself into a more collaborative and connected environment where the primary goal is to deliver exceptional patient care. With rising healthcare cost, federal compliance pressure, healthcare […]

Cloud Services

According to Gartner, 16% of all enterprise software applications will be delivered through SaaS model by 2014. Another survey found that companies with emerging economies like Brazil, India and China […]

Connected Education

Education today faces the same tough imperatives as any business. Demanding customers viz., Gen Y students and their parents always look for a vibrant, engaged and connected learning environment where […]

Connected Healthcare Framework

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ “Connected Healthcare Framework” addresses the core issue of quality patient care delivery and bridges the divide that exists in promoting affordable care organization(ACO), leveraging modern day technologies […]

Diabetes Management Solution

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ iGlucoCheck application provides an effective and hassle free means by which patients can monitor their bloodsugar levels periodically anytime, anywhere using their Android phones. The application connects […]

Digital Health Solutions

A Rock Health research estimates that by 2020, US healthcare spending will be 20% of its GDP. Analysts say that consumers are willing to spend 14 billion dollars on Digital […]

Education Offerings

E-Learning and Blended Learning have emerged as one of the most important pedagogical approaches to impart meaningful education today. Through the effective use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), educational […]

EHR And EMR Solutions

According to the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”, starting in 2015, physician practices that do not employ “Meaningful Use” certified EHR/EMR systems will see a reduction in federal […]

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