Human machine interfaces (HMI) link engineers and maintenance personnel to real time factory information. To meet the needs of increasingly complex processes of your systems, ALTEN Calsoft labs offers a qualitative range of Human Machine Interfaces that are specifically designed to meet the standardized hardware and software interfaces. Our HMIs serve as a medium for mutual communication and information exchange between electrochemical system and end user. We deliver HMI PLCs of various color and size to clients at reasonable price and within a stipulated time.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ HMI software provides graphical display with colorful images and monochromatic text for diverse industries ranging from electrical, semiconductor, switchgear, artificial intelligence, railways and even robotics. Our HMI PLCs are well-acclaimed for contemporary design, visualization, user-friendliness, simpler operations and high security interface.

Salient features of our solutions include

  •  Fast and convenient control of manufacturing automation
  • Replaced traditional controlling panel
  • Various touch screen with multiple dimensions and colors
  • User-friendly screen editor software
  • Quick image editing and graphs
  •  Suitable communication protocol implementation


Operator Devices
  • Basic HMI PLC for Simple Visualization
  • High-performance Panel-based HMI for Demanding Visualization
  • PC based Advanced HMI for data-intensive complex visualization
HMI Software
  • Configuration Software for Operator Devices
  • Process Visualization Software
  • SCADA Applications
  • Customer-specific Adaptation Software
Customized Automation
  • OEM hardware and HMI Software System
  • Customized Service
  • Support
  • Logistics Agreement



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