What is Passenger Information System or PIS?

Passenger Information System (Also called Passenger Information Display system) is an electronic information system that enables tracking, monitoring and easy handling of real time Passenger Information. PIS could be used within a transportation business or can be handled using web based browser apps or custom mobile application.

Advantages and usages of Passenger Information Systems:

The PIS (Passenger Information System) can may be used to predict arrival and departure times and to
analyse delays and disruptions caused in detail. Passenger Information System has multiple usage on different levels:

PIS at a Station or Stop:

  • Can be used to display waiting passengers
    about the next vehicle (Train or Bus)
  • Next Vehicle’s Route and Destination
  • Arrival and Departure time
  • General Advice and information useful for

PIS inside Bus or a Train

  • PIS can be used to inform next/previous Stations/stops
  • Provide advanced Train information like Train Time, location or Arrival
  • Current Timing and Timetable comparison
  • Timing of Destination or next stop and more
  • Information on connecting services

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