According to IDC, more than 1.25 billion smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2014, with total volumes expected to surpass 1.8 billion units by 2018. With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT), the installed base of active wireless connected devices is expected to reach approximately 40 billion by 2020. ALTEN Calsoft Labs is playing a significant role in this evolution.

Nearly two thirds of the global population are already connected and half of those are connected already through smartphones. We are witnessing an unprecedented change in the modern times where the telecom and wireless communication landscape is transforming continuously buoyed by digitization, wide-scale adoption of smart devices and bring your own device (BYOD) revolution.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers product engineering services to wireless product manufacturers to assist in WLAN Development, WLAN Enhancement, WLAN Testing & Sustenance. We also engineer 3G/4G RAN products used in a variety of applications including Enterprise WiFi, Carrier WiFi and 4G mobile communications.

With over 15 years of wireless product development experience, ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers R&D services to the entire ecosystem including semiconductor vendors, device manufacturers, NEMs and Virtual Network Function (VNF) providers addressing the wireless market.

Our services portfolio includes

  • Intel DPDK Practice
  • EAP Authentication
  • Wireless Networking


Enterprise WLAN
  • Complete design & development, testing and sustenance engineering for Enterprise WLAN AP and Controller with advanced L4-L7 features
  • WLAN mesh node development
  • Virtual WLAN Controller development, DPDK optimization, packaging and VNF orchestration for Enterprise deployment
  • WLAN Management
  • Support for fast roaming across switch and router boundaries, EAP authentication methods, and advanced intrusion detection & prevention techniques
Carrier WiFi
  • Product development and sustenance engineering for Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Access Gateways and Home Gateways / Femtocells
  • Implementation of Hotspot 2.0 features for seamless cellular-to-WiFi roaming, multiple-SSID support, and enhanced security based on traffic inspection techniques
  • Support for new Location Based Services
  • Automatic plug-and-play provisioning of APs, TR-069 based remote AP management, and real-time dynamic channel selection and power control
3G/4G Radio Access Networks
  • Product engineering support for eNodeB and EPC
  • WCDMA/LTE baseband protocol implementation using latest multi-core SOCs from leading silicon vendors and system testing
  • Interoperability testing with industry leading test equipment/third party products
  • DPI integration at S-GW/P-GW to enable application and subscriber aware QoS and lawful intercept
  • Virtual EPC implementation
  • Intel DPDK Support
  • SDN application development for topology management, stateful load balancing, policy enforcement and CDN optimization



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