ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Virtual CPE (vCPE) framework is a reusable software platform that delivers customized Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solutions to telecom operators. The framework comes bundled with a suite of libraries, support programs and APIs. Our Virtual CPE solution helps Network Equipment Manufacturers reduce their research and development lifecycle which in turn paves the path for quick launch thereby assuring faster time to market. The vCPE framework supports different Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

Customer premise equipments or CPEs are used by both enterprises and residential broadband subscribers to connect to the service provider’s network. Service Providers provide, configure and manage CPEs from different hardware vendors for enterprise customers (for business services) and residential subscribers (for multi-play services).

Continuing technology transitions, new service launches, security, privacy and metering requirements make service providers incur significant amount of CAPEX and OPEX to upgrade CPE devices and/or update device software on a regular basis.

Virtual CPE is the other way to deliver broadband services to subscribers where most of the CPE functions are pulled into the operator’s network and located near the service edge. In the new network architecture, the CPEs acts as simple Layer-2 forwarding devices that help a business or residential subscriber to connect to the service provider network. Services such as DHCP, Firewall, NAT, Virtual Router, VPN, etc. are delivered by Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) running at the Telco data center as a Virtual Machine (VM) instance configured for each broadband subscriber.


VNF Development
  • Architecture, design & development of Virtual CPEs
  • Intel DPDK based optimization for high performance
  • Support for different virtualization architectures (LXC/Para/Full Virtualization)
  • Support for different virtual environments (VMware/KVM/Xen)
  • Design and development of FCAPS and VNF lifecycle management framework
  • Development of VNF packages for a service deployment
  • Implement Network Services lifecycle management features
  • Integrate and validate with third-party NFV orchestrators or legacy NMS/OSS
VNF Benchmarking and Performance Tuning
  • Performance Benchmarking in Enterprise/Telco cloud environments
  • Performance improvements with Intel DPDK based optimization
  • Fast path optimization using offloading techniques
VNF Porting and Testing
  • Porting of Virtual CPE from custom silicon to standard x86 platform
  • Migration of Virtual CPE across different hypervisors/OS environments
  • Testing Virtual CPE using industry leading test tools/equipments


  • Multi-site Layer 3 IPSec VPN
  • VLAN (802.1Q and Q-in-Q)
  • Stateful Firewall
  • Static and Dynamic NAT (with support for ALGs)
  • DHCP Server, Client
  • Routing and Multicast
  • Virtual Routers
  • Static and Dynamic VRF
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Device Management


  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
  • Quality Service Delivery
  • Supports DHCP Relay (Client to Server and back)



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