ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers end-to-end product engineering services to NEMs providing Layer 4 through Layer 7 (L4 L7) network services and products, Virtual Network Functions and Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics solutions for enterprise and carrier networks. The unique selling point (USP) is the ability to provide products and services and integrate them into solutions that solve complex emerging application deployment challenges faced by service providers including cloud infrastructure players and OTTs.

Since 1999, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been engaged in design, development and sustenance of market leading Security Gateways, Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), WAN Optimization Controllers and L2-L7 Multiservice Switches – some of which feature in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a leader in their respective product categories. Application Delivery Controllers are deployed in both Enterprise as well as public/private cloud data centers to support both application-to-application and user-to-application traffic. It is effectively bridging the gap between applications and underlying protocols and traditional packet-based networks.

Key Drivers for ADC and L4-L7 Load Balancer Deployments

  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • End-user performance
  • Data center resource utilization
  • Security
  • Application visibility and analytics

Based on the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant report, following ADC Use Cases exist

  • Infrastructure Load Balancing: Basic Layer 4 traffic spraying to provide scalability and reliability to infrastructure software services such as DNS, Logging, etc.
  • Standard Enterprise Applications: Focuses on the ability to support standard commercial applications commonly deployed by the enterprise
  • Customized Enterprise Applications: Focuses on the ability to support customized and non-standard application deployment scenarios
  • Mid-market Environments: This addresses the fact that mid-market organizations have similar functionality requirements to the above standard and customized use cases, but often prioritize simplified management much higher than product scalability.
  • Optimal Performance Seekers: This use case is driven by application-centric personnel that are looking for ADCs to provide basic functionality at a reduced cost and with low acquisition friction.

L4-L7 network intelligence is a critical asset to enhanced network performance and guaranteed Quality of Experience. Techniques like Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) help to obtain superior intelligence in the form of Metadata (viz. URL, user ID, login ID, cookies, etc.,) and Application specific details (like App ID) by analyzing traffic. It is critical to perform this at line rates using techniques such as DPDK. ALTEN Calsoft Labs is an Ecosystem member of the Intel Network Builders Community. We have access to Intel processor roadmaps, beta versions of DPDK libraries and various technical resources at Intel. Using this network intelligence viz. application ID and metadata critical parameters like delay, jitter, etc., application response time can be computed.

Networking and Cloud Infrastructure practice at ALTEN Calsoft Labs provides professional services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Systems Integration and Service Providers alike, to leverage the DPDK platform to design and deploy network functions using virtualization viz. VNFs (Virtualized Network Functions). Network and service architecture, Design Consultation, Product Engineering, Operations Support and Maintenance services are some of the offerings from ALTEN Calsoft Labs, amongst many. DPDK optimized solutions with vCPE, vRouter, Tunneling Gateways and VPN gateways are our key differentiators and we are the only partner with an end-to-end NFV solutions development experience.

Our expertise in deep packet inspection (DPI), L4-L7 switching, network analytics, policy enforcement, end-to-end application performance monitoring and big data analytics makes us an ideal partner to complement internal R&D and product support teams across the product lifecycle from concept to product realization, field deployment and product sustenance.

L4-L7 Networks Function Virtualization

As a pioneer in NFV and SDN services, ALTEN Calsoft Labs is actively involved in design and development of high performance L4-L7 Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), NFV orchestration and converged infrastructure management frameworks for enterprise and carrier data centers. ALTEN Calsoft Labs is one of the few companies with strong expertise in Intel® DPDK, Open vSwitch optimization, SR-IOV, VNF lifecycle management and integration with service orchestration layer.

L4 L7 Applications for Software Defined Networks

SDN Controllers based on OpenFlow make packet forwarding decisions based on L2-L4 information. ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers L4-L7 SDN Application Development services to enable SDN Controllers make packet forwarding decisions based on L2-L7 intelligence that could lead to much better network bandwidth utilization and end-to-end Quality of Experience (especially for latency sensitive flows like Video and VoIP).

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L4-L7 Networking Services

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers concept to commercialization of product development and deployment. For e.g., our expertise in a broad product portfolio of Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) that includes physical, virtual and cloud deployment models to support a range of use cases from service provider to enterprises as detailed below

  • Single-instance hardware appliance
  • Multi-instance hardware appliance (one hardware device that supports multiple ADC instances), up to 200G per instance
  • Software-based instance, which can be run on a bare-metal server, a virtual appliance or within a container, or as an image within an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider’s platform
  • A cloud-based as-a-service offering, which can be referred to as (over-the-top ) or “ADCaaS”
  • Containerized ADC including support for Linux based containers
Miscellaneous Services

Other Applications Intelligence Services include

  • Turnkey integration for several popular cloud and networking platforms such as OpenStack, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware NSX, Chef and Puppet
  • Advanced Integration/Orchestration – Management and Orchestration (MANO) – with virtualization, containers, cloud management platforms and software-defined networking (SDN) frameworks
  • Expertise in Infrastructure Orchestration and Provisioning Tools, including pre-canned integration with leading cloud, virtualization and network solutions such as VMware vRealize, VMware NSX, OpenStack and Docker
  • Deep Packet Inspection based Network Intelligence
  • Network Analytics and Application-aware Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Firewall, IPS & IDS
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Application Delivery Performance Management
  • L4-L7 Virtual Networking Function (VNF)
  • L2-L7 Switching Intelligence
  • Open vSwitch Optimization
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