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ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been at the forefront in development and deployment of new networking & telecom products and services. A sense of urgency to replace traditional proprietary closed hardware with open software based solutions to enable service innovation and operational agility is driving Communication Service Providers’ (CSPs) efforts to modernize and rationalize their networks.

Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) are faced with the challenge to re-engineer their products, support faster product development cycles, and be able to spin out features to support disruptive service roll outs by CSPs leveraging their existing infrastructure.

Every player in the telecom value chain – silicon vendors, NEMs, Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) or CSPs want to move beyond sustaining their existing portfolios to find new, durable and innovative revenue streams. It takes disciplined and seasoned approach to ensure success in today’s demanding network management marketplace.

Over 20 years of product engineering expertise from concept to commercialization enables us to understand the challenges being faced by our clients and help them identify critical market requirements and realize cutting-edge innovative products and services. Proactive investments in emerging technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), combined with our extensive domain expertise, licensable software frameworks and access to top-notch technical talent, allows us to help our clients in accelerating time-to-market, managing risks and reducing costs.

Our Key Differentiators:

A pioneer in the Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) space, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has delivered:

    • One of the industry’s first OpenFlow enabled datacenter switches
    • One of the first commercially deployed Virtual CPE solutions for Managed Security services
    • DPDK optimized high performance Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) with seamless integration with industry leading NFV orchestrators
    • NFV Management and Orchestration Framework compliant with ETSI NFV ISG MANO specifications
    • SDN controller extensions and SDN applications for Network Management and end-to-end Service Provisioning of network services
    • SDN controller plugins (device adapters) for configuration and management of legacy (non-OpenFlow) and OpenFlow enabled network elements

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Networking and Telecom Product Engineering

We have rich experience in building multi-vendor products (over 300 products and >1000 software releases during last 20+ years) and solutions for customers ranging from start-up firms up to tier-1 service providers, ISVs – Independent Service Vendors and OTT players. We work with customers at different stages in the Product life cycle delivering unmatched value at each step: Architecture & Design, Product Development, Testing & Certification, Deployment, Sustenance/Maintenance and Support.

  • Technology Leadership: We have a proven track record of offering product engineering services in the latest technologies to startups and market leaders in the networking and telecom industry.
  • Complete Product Life Cycle Services: Our services address customer needs across the product lifecycle from concept to product realization, field deployment and operations support.
  • Robust Frameworks: Our solution frameworks and tools help customers accelerate time-to-market (TTM) and improve R&D efficiency in product development and sustenance activities.
Solution Deployment & System Integration

Our offerings include IT and strategic consulting services, end-to-end systems integration (SI) services, integrated solutions deployment, and technical services. Some of the key highlights of our SI & Deployment service portfolio includes –

  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Implementation and Systems Integration: Building and owning a complete solution platform from hardware selection, software development, testing, deployment to operations support and sustenance engineering.
  • Network Consulting: A comprehensive suite of services and tools for planning, designing, deploying, and operating state-of-the-art multi-vendor networks that span wireless and wired technologies.
  • Managed Services: ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers a rich infrastructure and experienced resources to deliver managed services that span NFV & non-NFV architectures; including consulting, operations & revenue management, technical support and testing.
  • Innovation Lab and Field Testing: People, processes and infrastructure helps service providers address next-generation problems, such as commercializing NFV and SDN solutions, 4G deployments and monetizing cloud services.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers SDN applications with customization capabilities, VNF and MANO based on standard ETSI framework, Integration of SDN and NFV applications, NMS/EMS and OSS/BSS integration with multi-vendor networks.



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