What is Network Analytics?

Network Analytics is a domain that focuses on extracting insights on the type of devices present in the network along with their communication pattern. It is highly effective for networking teams who are accountable for network traversing of multiple applications/services across numerous locations. The booming new concept of Network Analytics stands out as a differentiator in the offerings of several traditional network switching/routing vendors.

How is Network Analytics Disrupting the industry?
IT Infrastructure Optimization is one of the primary ways for innovation and value creation. Driven by Cloud, Mobility and Virtualization, the landscape of Network Analytics is changing every day. It is now a critical component of infrastructure. Few of the changing dynamics of Network Analytics are as follows:

  • Automated Orchestration
  • Dynamic Data Center
  • Virtualization Complexity
  • Non-intrusiveness and Scalability
  • Traffic Volume Increment


What is the scope of Network Analytics?

Network Analytics has an extensively wide scope and may be used for

Delivering unique network utilization and consumer behaviour insights exploiting technical information integration and correlation

Coming up with optimal network and business relevant decisions effectively
Addressing challenges brought in by billions of connected IoT and associated digital devices
Identifying and resolving issues before they impact operational performance
Improving business performance through capital investment optimization and revenue maximization


How does ALTEN Calsoft Labs project Network Analytics?

To bridge the gap between network equipment data and under-utilized big data, ALTEN Calsoft Labs brings on board an innovative approach to network analytics. Our congenital approach aims to offer actionable insights leveraging extensive telecom expertise, technical and commercial metric integration and dynamic access to big data analytics platform. We work hand-in-hand with the CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to build a strong and unified foundation for a coalesce of network and business intelligence, that in the long run may pave the path of real time realization of big data and analytics.



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