Order Management Web and Mobile Application

Mobile App to Fast-track Sales, Optimize Order Handling & Inventory Control, Achieve Greater & Better Fulfilment.

The Challenge

Manage day to day orders and related processes across B2B stores along with extending sales out from cash and carry stores to on-field sales team. The existing order management web and mobile app needed optimization and fine tuning to provide real time updates for order placement, promotions, pricing and inventory status to sales associates. The ask was to enhance the web and mobile app to provide a unified view and analyze the products that are in demand, track sales associate’s efficiency, manage inventory, sales & purchase orders.

About the Client

An American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores.

Innovation & Creativity

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has enhanced the order management app for web & mobile with innovative features:

  • On-the Go easy member registration & automated renewal
  • Real-time analytics with customized reports and dashboards, helping decision makers predict and monitor sales
  • Integrations with 3rd party logistics, payment gateways, warehouse management systems and delivery management systems
  • Real-time inventory reversals on order cancellation
  • Offline-Online order synchronization
  • Device and data security using Air Watch MDM and device encryptions
  • 45% of business volume achieved through mobile platform

The Fast Track Story

The convergence of a disruptive digital strategy/approach around Design thinking, a digital platform concept design powered by cloud, mobility and modern UI helped us validate the digital roadmap by aligning the needs and ideas from business, customer and IT teams. We adopted a platform approach that delivered superior, detailed customer journeys and scalable digital transformation use cases.

We moved away from a ‘piecemeal, cookie cutter’ approach to deliver a holistic mobile platform that helped the customer outperform the competition and help them redefine all aspects of the business, rethink business and operating models. Taking a ‘platform’ approach to the solution gave the business the power of

Openness: Easily accessible for field sales, partners, and businesses to participate in.

Connected environment: Always-on, always connected.

Data driven Intelligent platform: Leverage data generated in the platform to rollout and provide new services, engage customers and partners.

Scalability: Power to scale the platform by adding more field sales staff, cater to new segments, geography easily.

Business Benefits

  • A smart mobile and web platform that automates every minute aspect of member signup and renewal processes.
  • Ensured stability, performance, usability and scalability of the app.
  • Revamped the mobile UI and UX with our unique PDX process and framework.
  • Order management web and mobile apps running across 20+ stores catering to 1 million+ customers.
  • With BI, real-time monitoring of business health is possible and helpful in making informed business decisions.

Technology stack

We developed a robust Order management system by achieving multiple integrations with 3rd party systems like, warehouse, logistics, shopping cart, inventory, payment etc. to deliver true business value. A hybrid application built on ionic framework and Cordova and Sencha with a single code base deployed on both iOS and Android.

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