Granular visibility of network activity is essential to protect businesses against a catastrophic event such as a security breach, system outage, high-risk event, or compliance. Organizations of all sizes continue to face an ever-growing landscape of security threats that are getting increasingly targeted and malicious in nature, whether it is an attack that targets a network, an endpoint device, an application, or a database.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Managed Security Services provide multiple essential security capabilities for threat detection, incident response, threat management, threat prevention, compliance management and analysis services in one platform, along with integrated and continuously updated threat intelligence.

As a Managed Security service provider, we offer round-the-clock monitoring, management, and support across our security service offering, and provide you with persistent visibility into your service information.


ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ threat researchers continuously monitor customer networks and endpoint data-performing threat sweeps to look for specific indicators of compromise with the help of community-sourced, global threat data Open Threat Exchange® (OTXTM). Our Incident Response services combine technical skills with strategic guidance to ensure that your organisation makes the right decisions at the right time to limit the impact of the attack.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ SIEM-as-a-Service combines powerful SIEM and log management capabilities with other essential security tools—including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection (NIDS and HIDS)—to give you centralized security monitoring of networks and endpoints across your cloud and on-premises environments with the help of sensors deployed in each monitored environment –all from a single pane of glass.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs helps to quickly achieve and maintain compliance by providing all the essential security capabilities you need with specialised compliance solutions. Our Compliance Management platform simplify security and generate the output reports needed to support compliance needs and streamline audits to meet industry regulations including PCI, GLBA, NERC CIP and HIPAA.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Security Event Log Management consolidates and organizes security log events from a myriad of network systems, devices, applications, and other tools, providing detailed visibility into the security of your network and bringing it into compliance with applicable regulatory information security mandates.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Vulnerability Management reduces costs and complexity by automating the vulnerability assessment process, thereby eliminating the need to conduct in-house scans or hire external consultants. Our solution improves network security by providing on-demand vulnerability assessments, identifying weak spots in your network, and helping your administrators manage the remediation process.

Our Powerful Threat Detection platform in the Cloud delivers support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMWare ESXi providing organizations a comprehensive solution for managing security across your public and private cloud infrastructure.


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