Internet of things

Our IoT Solution offers enterprise class reliability, data centre class manageability and high performance delivered through IoT Platform, and IoT Solution Accelerators.

One Platform. One Framework. Many Solutions

ACL IoT Platform and Asset Monitoring Framework provides scalability, extensibility, and remote asset monitoring functionality uniformly across many asset types such as batteries, machines, cell towers, generators etc.

IoT Solution Platform

Our Tri-layer IoT Solution Platform enabling all three layers – Device & Gateway Agents, Cloud, SDKs & APIs.

Why You Need to Pick an IoT Solution?

1. Building IoT Solutions is Time Consuming & Complex


  • It is not just the user visible solution logic. Building the backend is hard.
  • Integrating with hardware is not easy. Requires multiple skillsets
  • Building something is very different from scalable, performant something
2. Operating IoT Solutions is Complex


  • Unlike packaged applications, ERP etc., IoT solutions have a lot more moving parts
  • Scaling and optimizing requires deep understanding of all these parts
  • Security is not easy
3. Requires Strong Platform Based Architecture


  • Adding new hardware or sensors often means doing another silo’d solution
  • Silo’d solutions make integrated analysis and prediction hard
  • Overall, IoT strategy execution becomes fraught with expense and delays

We Deliver Complex Solutions for These Challenges

How to handle devices and their state?

How to manage users and access control?

What about hardware?

How to handle communication with devices?

How to handle zones and location specifics?

How to handle business rules?

How to manage data?

How to do analytics?

How to generate alerts and notifications?

How to handle multiple customers and data segregation?

How do I extend to handle new device types?

How to do predictive analytics?

Connect with Us to Monitor and Control Assets with Your Own IoT Solution

Smart Asset Monitoring Framework

Our Smart Asset Monitoring Framework is customizable to various asset monitoring use cases (transformers, batteries, tanks, generators etc.)

Some of Our Key Initiatives


Remote Asset Monitoring of Distribution Transformers

  • We monitored hundreds of distribution transformers per utility helping avoid loss of power,
    loss of revenue and increased costs for the utility.

Remote Asset Monitoring of Battery Installations

  • Completed 200,000 installations for this battery manufacturing company.

Remote Asset Monitoring of Telecom Towers

  • We have monitored hundreds of thousands of Telecom Towers per tower management company enabling support of multiple carriers and any disruptions mean loss of revenue and increased costs.
Vending Machines

Remote Asset Monitoring of Vending Machines and Micro Markets

  • Remote Monitoring of Vending Machines (Inventory, Condition …)
  • Mobile-Enablement of Workforce (Refillers, Service Technicians …)
  • Optimization of Resources (Refill Runs, Optimal Routes …)
Tank Monitoring

Remote Asset Monitoring of Tanks (Fertilizer, Diesel, Water …)

  • Remote Monitoring of Tanks (Level, Rate, Movement …)
  • Mobile-Enablement of Workforce (Refillers, Service Technicians …)
  • Optimization of Resources (Refill Runs, Optimal Routes …)
Cold Chain Logistics

Remote Asset Monitoring for Cold Chain

  • Ship produce, dairy, eggs etc. from farm to retailer
  • Ship vaccines and medicines from manufacturer to hospitals
  • Ship organs from organ bank to hospitals
  • Ship chemicals from one factory to another

Approach To Begin IoT Implementation

First step should be Remote Asset Monitoring – and then additional integrations and predictive analytics.

If remote monitoring can’t happen fast enough, the other initiatives are dead, making platform value prop even less useful.

The Need for Speed, Completeness & Agility

Minimal money and very little time upfront to get started.

From PoC to pilot and beyond, re-architecture means delayed ROI realization and often abandonment of projects

Typical Gradual Approach to IoT Adoption Supported by ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Platformizing: Enhanced & Integrated Visibility with Specific IoT Use Case

Expanded Sensing: More sensors/use cases for expanded visibility and laying ground work for prediction

Prediction: Predict costs, failures etc. to optimize, now that multiple data streams are available


Personalized Digital Interventions

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect rich personalized digital experience across all the channels whether it’s offline or online in all their day to day activities or simply a “Personalized Omni-channel experience”. ALTEN Calsoft Labs is actively involved in providing the Personalization touch to all of our omni-channel offerings.

Our Personalized Digital Omni-channel offerings:

  • Digital Strategy and Transformation consulting
  • Customer and Associate facing applications (Web, Mobile)
  • Adaptive Responsive websites (Web/Mobile)
  • Digital Signage, Kiosk applications, Beacon integration, etc.
  • Digital wallets, Gamification
  • Omni-channel Oracle commerce cloud implementation


  • Digital QA and Testing CoE
  • Test Automation
  • Test Analytics
  • Test Management & Governance
  • Specialized Testing – Performance, Security, Usability
  • Test Process Consulting and Improvement
  • Industry specific Test Innovations , accelerators and frameworks

Digital Mobile Services

  • Mobile UX and UI Design
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Applications Management
  • Mobile Testing

Big Data Analytics to drive 360 degree view of the customer

  • Customer Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
API and Microservices

APIs play a major role in digital business transformation by helping companies go to market quickly. Omni-channel APIs remove the complexities of underlying systems using microservices architecture and together it helps building truly seamless and scalable front-end experiences.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs excels in the art of creating delightful experience for enterprise customers by leveraging the potential of APIs & Microservices architecture. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Architecture Group is focused on developing frameworks and accelerators to enhance productivity and provide best practices and guidelines for microservices architecture implementation to organizations.

Our value proposition and service offerings to deliver state-of-the-art customer experience include:

  • Connect and engage with customers on any device, anywhere
  • Brand loyalty with Personalized Customer Experiences through secure connectivity between customers and the business
  • Excite your customers with rapid Innovations through well-defined API framework enabling product innovation via mash-ups, plug-ins, and integrations
  • With an open centric model, we help enterprises win customers through seamless experience by integrating enterprise software/business systems viz., CRM, ERP, and CMS Services (Content collaboration) etc.
  • Software development made Easier, Faster and Cheaper by leveraging loosely coupled structure of micro services approach thereby allowing quick development and deployment of new functionality, lower development costs, increased efficiency, and improved time-to-market.
Big Data and Analytics

In an enterprise there is a deluge of information every day pertaining to consumers, employees and processes. This information when analysed, can reveal actionable and profound insights about their unarticulated interests, desires and behaviours. Digital enterprises use modern tools like mobile location analytics, social listening, sentiment analysis, clickstream data analysis, machine learning, and predictive & prescriptive analytics to provide deep and real-time consumer insights.

APIs or microservices enable experiences by integrating heterogeneous data systems/silos, viz., OMS, ERP and Customer Service platforms, to communicate with each other. Further integration of offline(on premise), online, and mobile interactions through APIs can abstract customer data silos, thus empowering organizations with the data they need to determine how best to personalize customer’s overall experience. Our dedicated Big Data analytics CoE possesses the experience, skills and tools that help enterprises uncover hidden customer behaviours, attributes and interests and deliver 360o customer experience. We have built a comprehensive set of offerings to help companies transcend digital boundaries and deliver sustainable customer experience.


  • Big data strategy and roadmap definition
  • Big data CoE set up
  • POCs, Solution accelerators

Data Ingestion

  • Scalable Data Ingestion layer for heterogeneous data sources
  • Connectors Implementation and Integration
  • Custom or Third party tools for Data Ingestion

Data Processing Services

  • ETL Services on Hadoop platform
  • Data Cleansing and Transformation
  • Distributed data processing services with MapReduce, Pig and Hive

Data Modelling Services

  • Statistical Modelling/Machine learning services
  • Modelling data with Mahout, R, Revolutionary R, Weka and Octave

Distributed Storage Services

  • Polyglot persistence support
  • NoSQL database migration (Hbase, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Neo4J)
  • Schema design and development

Data Visualization

  • Scalable visualization with Node.js and D3.js
  • Data visualization and analytics



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