Remote Management of Pan Global Vending Machines

Centralized control and omni-channel visibility to all authorized stakeholders about vending machines dispersed across the globe. Information about status and inventory of your vending machines. Our IoT enabled smart vending management technology helps organizations to optimally stock and manage risk for vending machines around the globe.

  • Robust platform for instant insights about vending machine status, inventory, repairs and spread
  • Friendly dashboards for instant insights
  • Resilient and scalable platform
  • Future-proof asset monitoring capabilities

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Insights for Remote Management

  • Holistic dashboard visibility across geographies, scenarios, functions and metrics
  • Configure alerts and push notifications across platforms, channels and devices to understand criticality of tanker health
  • Understands risks, repair status, inventory, reach and access of vending machines from anywhere

Vending Asset Tracking and Management Made Easy

  • Our carrier grade IoT platform can onboard more and more users, devices and machines. Just input your asset attributes, connect your devices and save them for instant deployment
  • Multi-tenant architecture coupled with flexible JSON storage can scale to over millions of users
  • The user friendly interfaces help authorized stakeholders to make changes on-the-go. Make your changes and scale up or remove users or devices – no code or infrastructure worries, just save and move ahead with operations

Real Time Visibility for Efficient Asset Management

  • Know everything about your vending machines and witness an uptick in its efficiency. Organizations are using remote monitoring for cost and personnel savings to actually visit the space and input vending machine parameters
  • Gain visibility into remote areas and optimize vending machine presence based on ground realities and data

Asset Monitoring and Tracking Made Easy

  • Codeless on-boarding enables non-technical users to configure dashboard. Just define parameters, input and save
  • Omni- channel and device tracking through alerts, messages and push notifications
  • Safe secure solutions ensuring data privacy and compliance adherence

Pan-Geographic Asset Management for Smart Vending

Market and Market reports vending machine growth rate to reach $1.43 billion by 2025 and witness an uptick of CAGR 15%.

  • Carrier grade IoT enabled platform for high end scalability across users, devices, and platforms
  • Manage downtimes, vending inventory, fill times, geographical reach through a centralized system
  • Effective asset lifecycle management through remote maintenance review, capacity marking and trends tracking

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