Get End-to-End Visibility Across Cold Chain

Easy to configure, device and platform agnostic cold chain monitoring provides unprecedented visibility that ensures faster decision making, total control, lower risks and high returns. Experience the transformative power of IoT with a unique tri-layer enablement platform that offers highly scalable, real-time asset and equipment tracking and monitoring solutions.

  • Gain 360 degree visibility across all PoC’s in the fleet cycle.
  • Configurable alerts, notifications, analytics and reports for actionable insights into your cold supply chain.
  • Platform agnostic, highly customizable solutions.
  • Proven technology integrating product information, sensors, data models and customer use cases.

We help customers build cognitive CoE, focused on evangelizing cognitive technologies, leadership, best practices and support to implement AI solutions

Our machine learning services analyze huge data and unlock its true potential, improve operational efficiencies and reduce operational risks

Our visual text analytics services help customers derive value from unstructured data leveraging the combined power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning

Cutting edge services based on object detection, classification/recognition and tracking, optical character recognition (OCR), face recognition, and content-based image retrieval (CBIR)

We have successfully delivered 20+ RPA implementations, automated more than 200 business processes for healthcare, retail, insurance and financial companies

We have proven expertise in developing and programming robots and drones to capture images, maps, models, and analyze data across diverse industries


Built-to Scale Tri-Layer Enablement Platform

  • Work with our experts to extend the cloud across data models, sensors, business use cases and on-field assets to create models that absolutely work for you.
  • Create data models that meets unique needs of your organization to facilitate easier data management and dissemination
  • Extend cloud back-end capabilities to scale seamlessly with your information.

Re-Engineer Business Rules on-the-go for Ultimate Flexibility

  • Easy to manage web-interface to define, configure and incorporate business parameters
  • Configure business rules to maintain business agility.
  • Faster deployment of rules with zero effort of platform or app re-deployment

Sensor Driven Eco-System for All-Round Connect

  • Multi-tenant Mobile apps, real-time push notification and 2-way lightweight communication to remain in touch with ground realities
  • All-time available device agent that can be integrated across all platforms to manage sensors, storage and communication on cloud
  • Adaptable for on-the-go-devices that needs to work with smaller bandwidths, power and resource crunches

Web or App Based Unified Dashboard View

  • Track and monitor your assets and agents on the field in real-time
  • Unified dashboard view delivers a granular view of current container status
  • Horizontal IoT platform provides 360 degree visibility across functions. Understand on-ground scenarios with high end reports, analytics and trends tracking for faster decision making

Seamless Cold Logistics with Total Asset Tracking and Monitoring

IoT enabled cold chain monitoring platform enables all on-field and off-field stakeholders to remain within the communication loop.

  • Take instant decisions based on real time facts, business use cases and scenarios
  • Future proof your cold chain strategy by upgrading and expanding your assets
  • Deliver visibility to your customers and vendors to improve communication and engagement
  • Expand your asset management capabilities with historical and predictive analytics

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