IoT Enabled Monitoring for Smart Battery Management

Total visibility into battery condition, capacity, geo & more. Customizable across a wide range of assets, data models and business use cases. Scalable IoT platform based agile remote battery monitoring and management system that is easy to install and has in-built theft protection and communication functionalities.

  • 360 degree asset monitoring with web dashboard and mobile apps with alerts and notifications.
  • Multitenant backend with high degree of scalability.
  • Track health, service expenses, warranty of your battery assets.
  • Efficient Asset lifecycle management along with revenue tracking, security management and maintenance.

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Scalable Multitenant Data Models

  • Multitenant architecture with carrier grade scalability ensures high degree of visibility and control for management and model operators on the ground.
  • Deploy remote battery tracking solutions across multiple levels of users and channels
  • Never worry about system overload as our data backends can scale over millions of users and digital information

Highly Integrable Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Easy to install screw-in-frame with zero wire clutter. Install your operations in 15 minutes with mobile app for onsite installations.
  • Our battery monitoring solutions easily integrates with your existing platforms and other IoT use cases.
  • In-built predictive analytics and Machine Learning capabilities bring in future proofing battery monitoring capabilities.
  • Visual and user friendly dashboards allow users to make changes on-the go.

Real Time Monitoring with High Levels of Accuracy

  • Reliable asset tracking capabilities with dedicated 24/7 operations and cloud instance that enables full control over data
  • Reduce your carbon foot print and remain connected without high speed networks with 2-way light weight communication protocols
  • Track and monitor all your battery performance like cell level voltage, power and temperature metrics with near perfection

Unified Dashboard for Risk Managed Asset Tracking

  • Easy to onboard and cloud enable different transformers, meters and devices with different permissions and roles for different stakeholders involved
  • Visibility and ability to proactively respond to trends
  • Embedded in built security features like theft alerts, push notifications and holistic remote asset monitoring capabilities.

A Clear Differentiation for Tracking Battery Assets

Markets and Market analysis found that global battery monitoring system market will be valued at $5.47 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 18.23%. The growth is fuelled by more IoT enabled assets tracking necessitated with global resources like electric automobiles, telecom assets etc. facing outages.

  • Real time visibility in to battery performance can predict maintenance requirements and service personnel deployed on ground
  • Effectively track warranty timelines and optimize resources for maintenance
  • Proactive scheduled maintenance leads to improved customer engagement and satisfaction
  • In-built theft alerts and real time asset security management are clear differentiators that expands revenue footprint

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