The IoT platform is implicitly tied to providing business value which links the IoT endpoints to the applications and analytics needed to generate business outcomes.

There are 5 key elements to the IoT platform as follows:

  • Device Management
  • Connectivity Management
  • Application Management
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard and Reporting

It is essentially the linchpin in a holistic IoT solution because it enables the data generated at the endpoints to be processed and meaningfully used by end users.

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IoT platforms increase the connectivity of the IoT devices into private or public network clouds.


ACL’s Field Force Management framework automates and eases the practical process of managing the on field professionals using the mobile applications.


According to IDF, the number of diabetic worldwide is going to be 592 million by 2035, incorporating 55% escalation in the total strength. To the utter surprise, half of the people with diabetes don’t know that they have it.


Users have too much clutter and need the ability to select and focus on just what they need in order to make effective decisions.


Customize core platform functions
  • Device management and monitoring software for various classes of gateways and devices which transmit data at different transmission protocols.
  • End-to-end security function associated with a secure connection and remote control IoT devices.
  • Support for HTTP, WebSockets, XMPP,CoAP,and MQTT protocols for data collection.
  • Interoperability
Application Engines
  • Application and processing engines that allow the data collected from IoT devices to be leveraged for variety of use cases-
  • GEO location tracking
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset tracking & optimization
  • Loss prevention & recovery
  • Supply chain optimization
  • License management
  • Field workforce management
  • Alert Management
Advanced Analytics
  • Filter and transform real-time sensor data
  • Data analysis, Statistical analysis and report generation
  • SaaS programing, data management, Statistics
  • Visualization



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