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IoT Enabled Remote Asset Monitoring and Control Solution

With product engineering solutions and services expertise to an extensive Internet of things (IOT) ecosystem, we leverage disruptive technologies to solve business problems of our customers. Harnessing more sensors, more data and more power to change the way you work and the value you provide. Customers will realize significant benefits from IOT.

Connected Business Transformation

 Connected Eco system of platforms product and Services. End to end capabilities with Sensors gateways connectivity and platforms.

Seamless Integration

Sensors and devices feed information Seamlessly between Eco systems. Value added services to supplement traditional lines of business.

Customer Experience

Improved collaboration and faster response time. Ability to predict customer requirements and behavior.


The Internet of Things is now a reality due to the convergence of several technologies. IoT is changing the way businesses operate. By combining IoT data with cognitive computing, business can extract valuable insights to improve virtually every aspect of their operations and enable innovative, new business models. For instance, in a connected building, data can be used to save energy and for predictive maintenance. Sensors on the production line can increase efficiency. In-store devices can help retailers improve the customer experience. And medical data from wearable devices can be used to save lives.

IoT has tremendous impact on profit trajectory. So it must be approached in the correct way. The main goal of IoT is to gather data that we can use to learn about a business and its customers. To manage the complexities of connected devices, we have to begin the journey with a security mind set. A holistic approach to IoT starts by connecting those devices that can get us closer to our data and provide valuable information. If a device can be connected, we need to understand what business intelligence we can get from it and how to go about creating a plan to capture and distribute it. By Creating a Use case for each device to consider how the data will be made available to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.The Internet of Things (IoT) at its most basic level is the idea of connecting any physical object, or “thing”, to the Internet. These connections produce information or data that can be used to create new experiences and improve the way we live and work. It’s ecosystem can be generalized as follows.


The Internet of Things (IoT) covers a huge range of industries and use cases that scale from a single constrained device up to massive cross-platform deployments of embedded technologies and cloud systems connecting in real-time. Tying it all together are numerous legacy and emerging communication protocols that allow devices and servers to talk to each other in newer and more interconnected ways. While there are tremendous potential benefits to IoT, one thing is often apparent during the process: IoT Solution Development brings with it a whole new level of complexity and confusion. Here at ALTEN Calsoft Labs we leverage our learnings from recent projects in order to help any OEM and enterprise customer successfully guide their way through the challenging IoT development process.

Alten Calsoft Labs Help customers to prepare for challenges that they are hardly accustomed from their previous experience. These challenges are part of the IoT adoption and should be addressed during IoT implementation roadmap. We will help customers to define business Model, Select IOT platform and technology, and ensure continuous evolution.

Advisory and consulting Services

ALTEN Calsoft Labs engages through a workshop approach to create a better understanding of what the transformative IoT roadmap should look like for an individual company, evaluate and explore benchmark portfolio of IoT Use Cases to be managed, and establish how individual IoT initiatives can be identified, approved, and executed. Below are the Key outcomes from Advisory and Consulting Services.

    • Identify the Use cases based on business requirements

Define business requirements and identify the use cases to implement the solution. At the same time, a clarified long-term strategy will let you minimize the risk of lock-in with some limited or vendor-specific IoT technology later on. Understand the initial scope of required features and capabilities to reduce the deployment timelines. Display better ROI for the investments.

    • Outline Technology Roadmap

Identify the Technology asset to cover the business requirements for initial and long-term IOT initiatives. Major technology parts are an IOT platform, Hardware, User devices, on-premise and hosted infrastructure data processing and analytic engine. we will provide Validated design while considering interoperability and integration.

    • Platform analysis for end to end integration

Ensure the selected IoT platform is easily compatible with different hardware, sensors, gateways, as well as supports communication protocols. Ensure all necessary APIs are available and open to use. The platform must feature straightforward interfaces to push collected data to enterprise back-end systems and data processing solutions. The platform additionally features in-built analytics and visualization applications, which can be quickly utilized for your use case.

    • Address Security and performance compliance

Comprehensive security and consistent performance may be two major prerequisites for business requirements. IOT technology selected for implementation should provide modern encryption protection for your data. End to end solution delivery should have consistent level of performance through high availability, elastic scalability, and support of edge deployments.

    • Proof of Concept ( POC) for Pilot project roll out

The use cases to be identified during the advisory workshop stage. These use cases to be prioritised based on the business requirements. The test beds will be created based on the use cases. It is an outcome based approach based on provisioning of new solution, user management etc. so this should be verified during the test runs.

IoT is not a technology solution looking for business case, it is rather a targeted technology solution solving a business problem. Ideally, by connecting and orchestrating devices, a business can become more adaptable to changing customer needs, can react faster to issues related to their products and services or can even prevent them at lower cost (predictive maintenance), create new business opportunities and increase productivity at all levels of the organization. By the help of IoT devices, businesses will be able to make and save money faster and more efficiently.

System Integration Services

In a Connected World, the means is just to an end – In a drive towards envisaging, enabling and connecting the dots, IoT draws inspiration from the overall Enterprise Digital Strategy. Whether your mandate is Enterprise-Wide or driven through birth-pangs on a smaller representative Line-of-Business (LoB), you want to be sure your approach is in tandem with the larger plan of going Digital.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs goal is to help our Customer get the best out of their IoT Platform choices working synergistically through design, implementation and support. Every Enterprise has a different commercial perspective and technology landscape and our Systems Integration team is there to understand your goals and help you achieve them.

Telecommunication Operators have a key role to play – while IoT strategy for each Operator can be different (connectivity provider / service enabler / end-to-end service provider), it is essential that the Service at the heart of all three strategies meets the QoS/QoE of an IoT Experience, while minimizing total cost of ownership, making the IoT business case viable.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs System Integration Services works closely with Telecommunication Operators, IoT Platform Players and Industry Vertical Enterprises to integrate the latest products and solutions, offering everything from designing network architecture to integration, customization, configuration and migration services for the latest technologies. ALTEN Calsoft Labs IoT Readiness Services helps Customers’ assess their current state Network/Platform readiness to support IoT models, identify gaps and then develop a transformation roadmap leading to a high-performance IoT-optimized service experience. Post implementation, our extensive customer training modules and customized technical support services help you get the most from your implementation. The services includes

Platform On boarding

  • Enterprise readiness assessment
  • Platform Assessment
  • Roll out plan
  • Integration
  • E2E Service validation

Migration Plan

  • Simulation & Testing- Network, Services, Devices, Inter- operability

Technology Identification

  • LTE CAT M1
  • LTE CAT M2
  • LORA,Sigfox,TSN
  • M2M, TR50
Managed Services
  • Service assurance and fulfilment
  • Proactive Performance analysis
  • Operations and maintenance
  • NOC design and build
  • Professional Services


Centre of Excellence Labs for creating Test beds

Global Consulting and System Integration Partners

Strong partner eco system to deliver turnkey solutions and exceed the expected

Unique framework and accelerators

In house technology Council for Competency Management and Skill development

Innovative commercial / business models to increase revenue

Generate additional revenue using analytics-driven cross-sell / up-sell offers



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