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Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are primed to revolutionize the way we do business. The vast implications of billions of interconnected devices are driving a major technology disruption today. McKinsey estimates the potential impact of IoT to be an aggregated $11 trillion business opportunity over the next ten years – equivalent to about 11% of the world economy. Organizations across all industries are realizing the huge IoT potential and making strategic investments.

The Internet of Things (IoT) at its most basic level is the idea of connecting any physical object, or “thing”, to the Internet. These connections produce information or data that can be used to create new experiences and improve the way we live and work. It’s ecosystem can be generalized as follows:

• Sensor and IoT Gateway
• Connectivity Providers
• Platform Providers

What We Do?

The Internet of Things (IoT) covers a huge range of industries and use cases that scale from a single constrained device up to massive cross-platform deployments of embedded technologies and cloud systems connecting in real-time.

Tying it all together are numerous legacy and emerging communication protocols that allow devices and servers to talk to each other in newer and more interconnected ways.

While there are tremendous potential benefits to IoT, one thing is often apparent during the process: IoT Solution Development brings with it a whole new level of complexity and confusion.

Here at ALTEN Calsoft Labs we leverage our learnings from recent projects in order to help any OEM and enterprise customer successfully guide their way through the challenging IoT development process.

Business Case

IoT is not a technology solution looking for business case, it is rather a targeted technology solution solving a business problem. Ideally, by connecting and orchestrating devices, a business can become more adaptable to changing customer needs, can react faster to issues related to their products and services or can even prevent them at lower cost (predictive maintenance), create new business opportunities and increase productivity at all levels of the organization. By the help of IoT devices, businesses will be able to make and save money faster and more efficiently.

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