Identity and Access Management

With an increase in the number of technologies and amount of data, security issues are now in a stage, where the current identity measures are no more enough. New risks come along with innovations in new technologies. Management of digital identities is required, hence, IAM.

Identity and access management (IAM) is a framework used by businesses for the administration of their electronic identities. It includes the company’s technologies for supporting identity management and some of the managing policies.

Why do we need an Identity and Access Management Policy?

1. Privacy of Data
It restricts unwanted access to files and applications to confirm privacy of data enabling a transparency of which users are linked with which projects.

2. Performance
Maintaining access privacy to the devices and ecosystem will help a lot in improving performance efficiency.

3. Dividing Responsibilities and Resources
Dividing employees according to their projects and providing access to resources that are related only to the responsibilities specific to the project is a very systematic and planned way to run any business. This ramps up the confidentiality of data.

4. Advanced Security
With Identity and Access Management, risks of data leakage reduce resulting in Advanced Security, a key concern among companies today.

Security Services Blueprint


ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Service Offerings

  • Ongoing analysis of protocol data and alarm/logging of events. This is performed without network interference via a passive network tap connection.
  • Provides an active cellular firewall for the carrier’s cellular network.
  • Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing: – Find out to what extent network elements (HLR, VLR/MSC, SCP, SMSC and SGSN) under the carrier’s management are vulnerable to SS7 attacks. Discover serious vulnerabilities before they attack and make sure the safety measures are getting the job done.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Our security consultants will develop a test plan that scans the entire network, looking for all possible technical and administrative vulnerabilities. The service includes a comprehensive report with vulnerabilities ranked according to severity level and, most importantly, recommendations for optimizing configurations, protecting security perimeters, improving interoperability between network segments, and eliminating all identified vulnerabilities. Consultants will conduct a coordinated probe across your entire enterprise. Seek to identify vulnerabilities present on Internet gateways and system hosts. Our consultants employ advanced tools and techniques, similar to those used by hackers, to identify and explore security vulnerabilities. We then analyse the findings and provide recommendations prioritized by threat level, helping to resolve issues, mitigate risk, and meet security objectives.

The services are extended to


To ensure enterprise and end-point applications are secure

Web Applications

To ensure third party applications are secure

Mobile Apps

Test constantly evolving mobile apps


End to End Network Security analysis, Technology selection and firewall rules audit

Penetration Testing Service Offerings

Reconnaissance Mapping

Scan Vulnerabilities

Exploit Vulnerability

Malware Evasion

Physical & Wi-Fi Testing

Phishing Testing

DDOS Testing


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