Our Healthcare IoT Platform permits configuration with IoT beacons, wearables, wellness apps, smart devices and other connected objects that helps patient adhere to their care programs and facilitate analytics.

Our Healthcare IoT Use Cases

Remote Patient Care: Patients can use the app to monitor their conditions at home to communicate with the care team and family. Estimate beacons and stickers enable patients to receive contextual and proximity based reminders right to their phones, tablets, and watches.

  • Integrate with healthcare IoT devices like – Wearables, Wellness Apps and beacons
  • Capture clinical information like vitals, allergies, history, immunizations, problems, medications
  • Clinical Decision alerts, tasks, chats & location
  • Vitals and charting by the patient bed side
  • Checklist of healthcare activities
  • Managing schedules, attendance, tasks and secure emailing features
  • Clinicians have access to key information anywhere, anytime to make informed decisions

Proximity Beacons for Way Finding: By placing proximity beacons throughout a hospital facility, visitors with the hospital app installed and bluetooth enabled can benefit from directions they need to go based on their present location. In addition, their exact parking location can be pinned allowing for easy navigation upon their exit. It allows for

  • Beacon Ranging – scans beacons by their properties for beacon detection
  • Beacon Monitoring – monitors regions for those devices that have entered/exited a region
  • Nearables (aka stickers) for discovery
  • Estimate Proximity Beacon & Location Beacon – values, broadcast power, interval, etc.

Proximity based technology also presents the opportunity for better tracking of vital hospital resources. By placing a beacon on every piece of equipment that moves throughout the hospital, equipment can be better tracked and accessed when needed. Beacons simplify the process of accounting for vital tools, ensuring more efficient allocation around an entire facility.

Clinicians Communication: With beacons, all clinicians’ movement can be tracked including visits to patient rooms, allowing efficient administration of care. All staff members involved with patients can communicate through the app for test procedures, medications and areas of concern.

Health facilities can benefit immensely from a customized mobile app development for both staff and patients, utilizing a rich context awareness platform.



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