With interventional radiology, doctors use real time X-rays called fluoroscopy to perform critical surgeries. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Meaningful Use Certified eSMART RIS (Radiology Information System) is a comprehensive solution developed for radiologists by a team of experienced center operators, radiologists and programmers – all working together to resolve acute real world problems. Exploiting Cloud and Big Data technologies, the intelligent biomedical image analysis and classification tool (RIS) stores huge mammogram and FNA (Fine Needle Aspiration) images to analyze, prognosticate, detect and henceforth treat malignant tumors.

Our Big Data and Connected Healthcare Framework bundled with Radiology Information System offers distributed storage, analytical and computing capabilities to process and segment results parallelly.


  • Mammogram & FNA image segmentation through spectral clustering techniques
  • Detection of characteristics/micro-calcifications of tumors
  • Classification of tumors into benign/malignant types through predictive algorithms
  • Prediction of the behaviour of the tumor through prognosis and historical image analysis
  • Prediction of the behaviour of the tumor through prognosis and historical image analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment based on images and patient history
  • Quick historical image analysis and automated report generation through learning algorithm in RIS PACS
  • Meaningful Use Ready with Real Time Analytics
  • Integrated Speech Recognition and Reporting
  • Resource Optimization via Multi-site scheduling
  • Integrated mammography tracking and reporting


  • Highly scalable RIS PACS system built on Hadoop
  • “Analytics as a Service” for radiologists and physicians
  • Clinical Decision Support System for cancer treatment
  • Improved efficiency and care delivery
  • Cloud based RIS PACS service to hospitals



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