What is DPDK?

DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) is a set of libraries that is utilized for data path optimization and purpose-built user space application creation enablement. It is used to boost packet processing, performance and throughput on all processors.

DPDK – CPU Support:

DPDK is an open source BSD licensed project. It was first supported in Intel x86 CPU and is now extended to IBM Power 8, EZchip TILE-Gx and ARM. It is extensively run on Linux user land. A subset of DPDK features can be used through a FreeBSD port.

DPDK – Main Libraries:

  • Poll – Mode Drivers
  • Ring Buffers
  • Huge Page Memory
  • Multicore Framework

How is DPDK used?
DPDK is used for several purposes. Some of them are listed below.

  • Sending and receiving packets within minimum number of CPU cycles (preferably less than 80 cycles)
  • Developing fast packet capture algorithms like tcpdump
    Running third party path stacks
  • Some packet processing functions have been benchmarked up to hundreds million frames per second, using 64-byte packets with a PCIe NIC.

How ALTEN Calsoft Labs Uses DPDK?
ALTEN Calsoft Labs leverages Intel DPDK for designing and developing virtual appliances with higher performance and scalability on latest IA platforms. We assist network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and telecom operators in developing, optimizing, deploying and maintaining Intel DPDK based virtual appliances projects.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs offers a wide range of professional services from PoC conception to Service Roll-out and Service Desk Implementation for Telcos as shown below.

Our Unique Differentiators:
One of the first members to join the Intel® Network Builders Community
CoE with 120 person years of high performance VNF Development with DPDK
Delivered few of industry’s first DPDK optimized vCPE, vRouter, Tunneling Gateway and VPN Gateway solutions
Only partner with end-to-end NFV solution design and development experience
ETSI NFV MANO Compliant Frameworks for VM and LXC based deployments
Experience with VirtIO, SR-IOV and PCI Passthrough Modes

Get Trained in DPDK:
Join ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) course today and gain deeper insights on DPDK architecture, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), packet processing labs and more. Also, get hands-on training on DPDK integration with Linux.

Takeaways from the DPDK Course:

On successful completion of the course, every participant will be competent in:

  • Interpreting DPDK architecture
  • Integrating and Configuring DPDK with Linux
  • Using DPDK libraries and APIs
  • Implementing DPDK packet flow in multi-core environment
  • Deploying different data path processing applications

Supported Products: Intel DPDK 1.7

Pre-requisites: An individual must have intermediate knowledge of Linux, x86 Intel architecture and data plane IP packet processing.

Attendees: DPDK Developers, System Architects and System Integrators

Course Overview:

  • Consists of both theoretical and practical lab sessions
  • Highly personalized sessions
  • Hands-on practical sessions
  • Interactive Query Resolution sessions
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