Enterprise Digital Transformation

The pace of business is accelerating. We are living in the age of technology explosion where Digital Technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Automation, IoT, Blockchain and Analytics are ushering a new paradigm touching billions. Digital technologies are leaving an indelible mark, and reshaping every industry landscape and how organizations function in ways never heard of. There has been significant rise in digital transformation initiatives over the years and a lot of investment being pumped in, to transform businesses digitally. However, these initiatives are challenged in reaching digital’s true potential due to organizational silos, legacy business processes and technologies, and a myopic view by senior leadership lacking purpose, clear goals, and objectives.

In this context, ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Lean Digital Practice enables large enterprises rearchitect and reengineer their front, middle and back office operations, helps prevent costly mistakes by assuring technology decisions are aligned with the business and that those decisions result in the right business outcomes in line with organization vision. We are committed to deliver continuous value to our clients by leveraging our unique Lean Digital framework derived from helping more than 100+ clients innovate, integrate, and transform their business process operations. Our Lean Digital framework comprises three distinct phases viz., Innovate, Launch, and Scale

  • Innovate – Minimize risks by fully exploring the definition of the problem across business, customer and technology stakeholders
  • Launch – Minimize the risk of complex technology execution and successful roll out
  • Scale – Extract long-term economic benefits by reducing operational costs and scaling with more customers achieve measurable impact such as growth, cost efficiency, and business agility.

Our Lean Digital Transformation framework combines comprehensive digital perspectives with an accelerated lifecycle to help organizations mitigate risks in their transformation journey. Our digital perspectives led by experts combine business leaders, customer-experience designers and technology experts under one roof to minimize gaps in understanding the true nature of the business problem and close the knowledge gap.


Our Digital Transformation services span across full spectrum of Advisory & Consulting, Product Design, Prototyping(MVP)/Development &
Innovation, Rapid Prototyping, Unified Customer Experience, Digital Marketing services.

Identity & Access Management, GRC, Data Protection & Privacy, Cloud Security, Network Security and Managed Services

Hybrid & Native Mobile Apps, Mobile Device Mgmt. & access Mgmt., Enterprise Mobility Apps, Oracle & SAP Mobility, Mobile UI/UX

User Research, Empathy Map, Customer Journey Map, Lean UX

Brand Strategy, Creative design, Interaction design, High Fidelity Prototypes, Rapid Prototyping

Data Management, Governance, Warehouse design, ETL, Dashboards, Reports Factory, visualization, Predictive Modeling, Analytics as a Service

Consulting (AWS, Azure), SaaS/Cloud Build, Infrastructure & Application Management, Architecture & Integration, Cloud Migration Factory


Integrated Asset Management & Connected Manufacturing, Connected Health & learning, Customer, Smart Vehicle, E2E Platform Consulting & Services

Business Process automation for Healthcare, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Retail industries

Our Differentiators

  • Lean Digital framework seamlessly integrates business leaders, creative minds and technology evangelist on same page to accelerate innovation
  • Design Thinking led product development and user experience approach
  • Critical and creative thinking driven team of digital strategists and innovators
  • We don’t think out of the box, we see and think into the corners



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