ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ DevOps services and solutions with E2E DevOps implementation empowers enterprise agility, innovates and transforms application development, deployment, management and support processes to stay agile and relevant to your customers. We scale success across enterprises at your pace and suited to your environment, in the most cost effective manner.

Fragmented data and disconnected sources of information are some of the challenges that enterprises face today with respect to integrated, agile application delivery. Industries also regularly face other challenges like heterogeneous software development and testing platforms, and lack of open integration frameworks for seamless collaboration. Today’s enterprises need an open and extensible collaborative software delivery platform that improves agility and governance for distributed teams by connecting cross functional teams, processes, IP and tools via a centralized and secure web and mobile enabled system.

Our Devops Orchestration Platform:

We have industry’s #1 open DevOps Orchestration platform for enterprise application development, delivery, and collaboration that empowers organizations to accelerate innovation, increase development velocity, and drive down costs by supporting a variety of leading open source and commercial tools—while ensuring the security of code across the board.

Benefits of Choosing DevOps Services:

  • Easy to Manage Projects
  • Improved performance and accuracy
  • Better Collaboration & Stability
  • Rapid Enhancement & improvisation
  • Less Bugs and more Innovation
  • Faster Delivery

Why Choose Our DevOps Services?

  • 25+ years of strong development, testing and DevOps experience
  • From Agile planning to delivery and DevOps, we handle it all
  • Track record of building high performance DevOps teams globally
  • Ability to recruit, train and deploy the best DevOps resources
  • Highly Scalable – One project or 10,000. Scale effortlessly as your teams grow

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  • Any Tool, Any Process, Any Geo
  • Freedom of tool choice combined with governance and traceability across the software development life cycle
  • Leverage legacy tools, embrace new ones
  • Connecting people and teams across the enterprise – Dev, Ops and business, thereby offering DevOps as a Service
  • Open Social Community Architecture Creation for real-time visibility and communication
  • Agile-based or Hybrid Processes
  • Promotion of ideas, innovation
  • Code Re-use
DevOps Orchestration
  • Dev & Deploy Work Stream Automation and Visualization
  • Software Delivery Process Automation
  • Visual Monitoring of Development & Deployment Pipelines and Work Streams
  • Centralized Visibility, Governance and Control
DevOps Training
  • Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  • Streamlining Application Delivery Pipeline via code-build-test-deploy
  • ScrumMaster Training and Certification
  • Agile JIRA Training
  • Confluence Expertise
  • Hands-on Dev Tools Training
  • Virtual/On-Site Corporate/Instructor-Led Trainings
DevOps Transformation
  • Painless, End-To-End Cloud enabled Application Life Cycle Management
  • Integrated Cloud Management and Orchestration
  • DevOps as a Service
  • DevOps Automation
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Deployment Automation
  • Centralized Visibility
  • Service Visualization
  • Hybrid Process Framework
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment in highly agile environment
  • Automated Reporting and Dashboards
  • Infrastructure Management and Monitoring
  • Cloud Strategizing
  • Team Assessment
  • Security Management
  • Configuration Management



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