Accelerating Software Delivery through DevOps

In the recent years, software delivery has transformed a lot from fragmented approach (development, testing and operations performed by different teams in silos) to a continuous approach (development, testing, operations and maintenance happening in tandem by a closely knit, collaborative team).

DevOps is one of the game changers, making this shift possible by accelerating software delivery and easing the cross-stage transitions that occur throughout the software life cycle. This brings different stakeholders from business, development and operations teams together to streamline software delivery. DevOps is more of a cultural change coupled with automation techniques, helping organizations to automate and ease the process of deployment, environment set-up, configuration, monitoring, and testing. This ultimately saves a huge amount of time, energy and money for businesses, providing them an opportunity to drive innovation and stay ahead of technology disruptions.

DevOps Offerings

We help customers launch themselves into the next frontier of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment and DevOps Intelligence. Our core services comprising Release orchestration, Deployment automation, help customers with end-to-end Automation, Control, Monitoring and Insights needed to fast track software and products delivery.


We help organizations rapidly build robust infrastructure that are automated(software driven), highly scalable, available(99.99%) and secure.

  • Automated Environment Provisioning
  • Continuous Configuration Automation
  • Test Data Management
  • Auto-Scaling of Servers
  • Server State Mismatch Identification & Elimination
  • Configuration Mismatch Identification & Elimination

We help organizations identify errors at a very early stage while continuously integrating new code to master branch.

  • Continuous Development
  • Automated Testing & Versioning
  • Source Code Management Tool Automation
  • Service Virtualization

We help organizations quickly deliver and deploy working software, support uninterrupted business and deliver higher customer value. We offer continuous delivery services across the life cycle that help support applications from digital, consumer facing systems to large enterprise apps like Oracle and SAP.

  • Release Planning, Monitoring and Automation
  • Intuitive analytics dashboards to monitor build, test operations, release packaging and publishing

We collaborate with our customers and greatly influence their business outcomes, revenues and competitiveness by accelerating the frequency of successful product releases while optimizing costs.

  • Upgrades, Patching, Deployment with zero downtime and risk

Build integrated dashboards with deep actionable insights into software delivery processes addressing metrics like:

  • Release activity trend
  • Real-time insights on build performance
  • Release schedule
  • Release velocity
  • Release Portfolio analysis
  • Risk analysis – Security, Compliance
  • Predict future release cycles’ performance
  • Issue tracking

As part of ongoing operational maintenance, we provide customers with 100% visibility on the SLAs and KPIs. Combining industry best practices and strong technology experience, our DevOps CoE employs continuous improvement plans and robust governance frameworks for continuous innovation.

  • Dev, Test, Prod environment ops management and optimization
  • Analytical Dashboards to track Environment, Infrastructure performance and other KPIs

Helped Companies In DevOps Transformation?

A leading Travel technology company, reduced time to market by up to 50%, increased source code stability, reliability for its B2C & B2B apps

A leading university reduced deployment cycles from days to minutes, reduced cost of release by up to 80% through continuous integration, delivery and automated testing and infrastructure provisioning

A leading US department store giant achieved 30X more agility, 90% reduction in system downtime, through extensive collaboration, continuous delivery and automation

Enterprise DevOps Transformation Framework

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been a key player in DevOps Transformation for many global enterprises. We offer DevOps solutions and services across the lifecycle from assessment to implementation to operations, addressing diverse customer needs. Leveraging a home grown, Cloud automation manager framework (a multi-cloud, self-service management platform) – we address the E2E application life cycle management activities encompassing Develop, Deploy & Operate.

Our 3-pronged DevOps transformation framework helps customers achieve key goals of DevOps program viz, continuous integration, change management, agile delivery, tools & process rationalization, best practices and provides metrics to track, monitor the effectiveness of DevOps implementation.

  • Gap analysis for Continuous Improvement and Delivery
  • KPIs, SLAs and metrics to monitor
  • Technology tools and scripts for automation
  • Assess organization maturity, readiness, workflows, and security aspects in an enterprise
  • Develop DevOps adoption roadmap to support multiple IT operating mo
  • Baseline and standardize metrics, and SLAs
  • Comprehensive Agile DevOps training and workshops
  • Automation tools to support continuous delivery, deployment and automation
  • DevOps Governance model for continuous evolution of DevOps
  • DevOps Intelligence platforms and dashboards
  • Track, Monitor SLAs and metrics
  • Outcomes/metrics-based monitoring
  • Enterprise wide DevOps adoption standards, best practices – Project, Program and Portfolio level

Accelerators & Frameworks

We have proven experience in helping our customers’ business, scale and speedup their DevOps adoption. We have developed multiple solution accelerators to help our customers achieve increased automation, reduce risk, standardize software delivery processes.

DevOps Tooling Platform

Select the right set of tools and infrastructure solutions

Cloud Automation Manager

Flexibility to manage organization workloads securely over multiple clouds at speed and from a unified interface

Test Automation Manager

Automated test approach to perform security, performance and functional testing

Do You Have These Challenges At The Top Of Your Mind?

How do I deliver software quickly addressing skyrocketing customer expectations?

How do I shorten Time-to-Market and optimize R&D Costs of my product portfolio?

How do I accelerate delivery of Digital platforms and solutions?

How do I achieve 100% automation for my release management programs?

How do I manage my releases across multiple product portfolios with a single, unified interface?

How do I accelerate, orchestrate multi cloud development, integration and deployment?

How do I achieve painless apps, multi cloud, and seamless delivery management?

What sort of architectural design is required to speed up delivery?

How do I orchestrate and automate release pipeline?

How do I optimize CAPEX and OPEX through infrastructure modernization and automation?

How do I manage my product releases seamlessly?

How do I harness the potential of Cloud as a strategic enabler for my business?

Are you struggling to get insights on your release cycles?

How do I develop a strong framework for Disaster Management and Business Continuity?

How do I achieve software configurations driven infrastructure provisioning?

How to automate cloud scale-up and scale-out?

What would be the cost of migration from one cloud environment to other?

Which solution offers better security? Where to store backups, on the server or on cloud?

How to achieve 100% cost transparency and analytics in multiple cloud environments?

How to keep track of billing, metering and charge back across multiple cloud vendors from a unified interface?

DevOps Tool Chain

Why should I care about Tools standardization?

Lack of tools rationalization, non-repeatable processes and ad-hoc practices, technology debt and culture barriers are some of the challenges for enterprise DevOps transformation. DevOps Automation Platform with template driven infrastructure and tool chain drives standardization, infrastructure as a code, efficient VMs management, robust governance, KPI and metrics analysis.

Our agile DevOps tools and technologies expertise helps customers in build, test and manage the complete software delivery life cycle as depicted in the diagram below.

Versioning &
Source control

Track Code level changes for parallel Development, merging and rollback

Git/GitHub, Mercurial, Perforce, Bitbucket, Subversion


Integrate Developed Code Frequently

Travis, Teamcity, Jenkins, ElectricCloud, Maven, Gradle, Visual Studio


Unit Testing, Integration testing, Regression testing

QASymphony, Cucumber, Rspec, Selenium, Capybara, Coverity, SauceLabs, TestRail


Containerize application in a specific environment

Docker, Vagrant, Rocker


Define the target deployment environment

Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, SCALR, APACHE, Azure

Application Performance

Test, Diagnose application performance

New Relic, Ruxit, AppDynamics, Stackify


Deliver quality products on-time, within budget

Atlassian JIRA, Pivotal, Confluence, Agile Craft, VersionOne

DevOps Case Study

Continuous Integration,
Automation & Support

for one of the largest Travel Tech Company




Applications Deployed and Managed



Servers Managed



Builds / Month


Automating MAPR
( Hadoop Cluster) Provisioning

for a Global Travel Technology Company



Reduced in Hadoop Cluster



Improvement in Productivity



Single Click Provisioning

Omnichannel Retail IT
Automation, Maintenance & Support

for One of the Largest Department Store Chain



Improved Code Quality



Reduction in System Downtime



Faster Deployment to Production



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