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The successful organizations today are design driven. We are living in a world where product and service delivery at the speed of light is the mandate for users and customers. To be at the top of the game, companies need to get their ideas faster to the market, aggregate feedback in real-time, learn on the field and make course corrections quickly. The hyper connected digital world calls for organizations to operate in a pragmatic, unique approach to deliver connected customer experience. An approach that is customer centric, a culture that is customer obsessed, a framework that delivers transformational experience – helps companies to stay relevant and succeed.

A design DNA in an organization, provides the much-required impetus to outperform the competition with a combination of Design thinking and Business thinking to fuel value innovation.

The mantra for today’s digitally mature organizations is Fail early, Fail Often and Learn Fast.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Design Thinking services break organization silos, fast-track innovation and build a culture of trust and collaboration. Leveraging our unique Design Thinking framework, we have helped global organizations transform their business outcomes, promote a culture of corporate and customer innovation.


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Our Design Thinking CoE, leads our customers into an exciting design journey that is inspirational and exhilarating. The Design Thinking team closely works with customer teams, employ an empathy led, user centric outlook that results in competitive differentiation and advantage for them. We have an array of design thinking services that provide holistic value proposition encompassing -Strategy, Design & Technology. Our services help organizations realize true digital customer experience, bring innovative ideas to life and sustain the growth momentum.

Empathize and Discovery
  • Audience research, empathy map creation
  • Customer Profiling
  • 360-degree customer analysis
Problem Definition and Interpretation
UI and UX Design
  • Persona Mapping, Analysis
  • Storyboarding
  • Mock ups and Wireframes
  • Prototype validation with users
Develop and Experimentation
  • Architecture Design
  • MVP development
  • Brand Design & Development
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Interaction design
  • User stories/map design, validation
  • Customer Use cases and scenario testing

Our Differentiators

  • Combine industry standard best practices, templates along with expert design thinking consulting to realize transformation, scale and agility
  • Design Thinking Advisory & Innovation, User research and Empathy frameworks that create long-term innovation and sustainability
  • Fast-Track Design thinking projects with unique customer centric accelerators viz., EDI and PDX – combined with global execution capabilities



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