Design thinking


Design Thinking Playbook

In this design thinking playbook, we have outlined how design thinking has come of age and is a topic of immense interest. There is a lot of excitement in the air and leading global organizations are on a war foot to experiment with design thinking projects to unlock the creative potential in them. Design thinking provides a platform and framework to reinvent and simplify business models.

This playbook includes:

  • Design Thinking Framework, Tools & deliverables, Action plan
  • Top 10 Design Thinking Tools used by Organizations for strategic innovation
  • How Global brands are harnessing the power of Design Thinking
  • What makes Design Thinking Unique? – Accelerate Innovation, Faster and Predictable Delivery
  • How to cultivate a Design Thinking culture?

SIMPLIFY Innovation, EMPATHIZE Customers

Organizations that put design much closer to the core of their brand strategy & differentiation, omnichannel customer experience have a Design led organizational culture. They interlace design principles into every operation to deliver better, faster service and product development. Right from doing research, strategy, execution, creating engaging content that customers crave for, service and product design, development has a flavour of design thinking. They think beyond mundane transactions and conventional means to do business and focus on immersive, beautiful experiences that make customers as their brand advocates and evangelists by developing a lasting, meaningful relationships with customers.

Design driven companies have consistently outperformed by applying the core principles of design to the way people work, interact with customers, partners and other value chain entities. Design thinking provides an arena for organizations to experiment with multiple paths and solutions to a business problem by applying designer’s problem-solving techniques to enable corporate innovation by:

  • Employing quick iterations
  • Close collaboration with customers
  • Integrated agile process design with less hierarchy
  • Build quick prototypes and create mock-ups and incorporate customer feedbacks (Learning on the Go)
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