$53 billion losses in Cyber attacks

WannaCry alone costed $9 billion

In the world of internet, it is difficult to predict where the attack comes from, who are attacking and what their goals are. To protect your organization against cyber attacks, two actions are required – one is – to build security nets around your systems and data so that nobody can penetrate the layer. The other is Threat Intelligence.

There are ample number of tools available for collecting and analysing threat intelligence data that identifies malicious IP addresses and domains and delivers actionable malware protection intelligence in context. These tools also mitigate complex combination of botnets, proxies and attack vectors in a real time attack by bringing incident responders, threat analysts and law enforcement. This helps in identifying and visualizing malware connections in seconds to expedite investigations, response, and malware protection.

In addition, there are ways to get attackers social information such as discover identities, correlations, networks of associates and geographical locations. It helps in cyber-criminal investigations and social media forensics.

Cyber Espionage: A Dangerous CyberThreat

Cyber espionage is a complex process, characterized by highly sophisticated techniques and tactics where the attackers have chosen their target, the type of information they’re looking to steal can result in damaged reputations and stolen data, including personal and private information.
Cyber threats vary greatly and so do the methods of attack. To counter those various sources, organizations need Adversary Threat intelligence to fortify themselves from both internal and external threats.

Organizations face critical sources of cyber-attack via Cyber Espionage:

  • Organised Crime
  • Terrorist activity
  • Hacktivism
  • Ransomware

We can help you with the unique cyber security offering focussed on the needs of your business. We bring the advantages of technology partnerships, best practices and solution engineering mind-set, to get you benefitted from the delivery of security operations. Our engagement approach covers advisory and solution engineering-led cyber security services.

Corporations and governments are constant targets of attacks may cause military operations to fail, and can also result in lives lost due to leaked classified information.

Common targets include:

  • Internal data
  • Intellectual property
  • Client and customer information
  • Marketing and competitive intelligence


Solution Engineering
  • Customisation of Transform Sets according to investigation
  • Support the plans, processes, workflows, controls and recommendations being implemented.
Solution Development and Integration
  • Develop scalable and repeatable processes and procedures for the collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence throughout the organization
  • Support integration with Existing Security Orchestration platforms
  • Automate Manual research tasks
  • Workflow integration to accelerate Time-to Response
Cyber Security Services
  • Incident Response- knowledge of Threat Actors and TTPs.
  • Recovery and mitigation services
  • Investigation Services
  • Litigation Support services
  • Fraud risk management
  • Identify the most relevant and impactful Cyber threats specific to sector organisational type
  • Provide a framework for developing Threat intelligence practices and communications
  • Identify the Cybersecurity use cases relevant to the organisation
  • Reduce the risks of costly data breaches and poor investment choices
  • Create a more effective response capability and build confidence
  • Transform into an effective, data-focused operation
  • Operationalize security program’s threat intelligence function


  • Easy, fast, and reliable visualization of people’s profile information and relationships
  • Search 60+ social networking sites and other account based online entities.
  • Complete multiple queries in minutes, which would take hours or days to complete manually.
  • Visualize 1 to 1 correlations as well as multiple relationships and networks of people into the 1000s of records.
  • Reliable and accurate results with a proprietary data collection/query methodology that has been continually refined, supported and updated since 2009.
  • It is a Maltego commercial transform package that can be integrated into other platforms using Restful API.


  • Visualize malware connections and correlate campaigns into the 1000s of records, in just seconds..
  • Analyse data using commercially supported transforms
  • Access current and historical Proof point ET Intelligence metadata that is continuously updated and gathered over five years.
  • Access data analysed with over 40 categories of reputation and current scores to identify high-risk or malicious IP addresses and domains.
  • Connect specific attack campaigns to billions of available individual indicators of compromise.
  • Search and view attacks and actors in motion all over the world.
  • Easily pivot and drill down with a forensic data trail for incident investigation


Actionable Intelligence

Online Surveillance

Automated Analysis

Threat Intelligence

Machine Learning

Flexible and Scalable

Customizable to Different Use Cases

Deep Integration

Target Industries – Use Cases


Immigration, regulatory, surveillance, intelligence, etc.

Law Enforcement

Terrorism, cyber criminals, cyber threats, human / drug trafficking, dark web actors like pedophiles, porn, arms, etc.

Telcos / ISPs

Mail security, perimeter security, threat intelligence, etc.

Financial Services

Mail security, threat intelligence, financial investigations, financial frauds, money laundering, anti malware / ransomware / spyware, terror financing, etc.


Privacy violations, mail security, threat intelligence, medical investigations, insurance frauds, etc.


Employee safety, mail security, threat intelligence, competitive intelligence, counter espionage, anti malware / ransomware, insider threats, data breaches, employee investigations, etc.



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