With our Effective security management we continuously safeguard organisations’ corporate assets.

What makes our cybersecurity services different from others?

We deliver Automated and Orchestrated Cyber defence platforms powered by Threat intelligence for the SOC and Security professionals.

Your challenges, our solution

Our Vision is to look at advanced cybersecurity technologies to enterprises, service providers, BFSI and government agencies across the globe to address their challenges in security space.

Our Managed Security services

We use Cyber Defence Platforms, Automation frameworks, Threat intelligence data and analytics to build intelligent defense systems against complex and sophisticated threats.

How we can help you?

Through our Enterprise Security Solutions, we help organizations like you to identify and close the security gap and maximize enterprise protection.

Our cyber security services provide integrated approach to ensure optimal protection against suspicious activity, data theft, crippling attacks, and security threats across your IT infrastructure.


Through our managed security services, we take the complete responsibility of SIEM management involving SOC operations, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and maintenance of your privacy.


Managed Security Services

Through our managed security services, we take the complete responsibility of SIEM management involving SOC…


Consulting Services

Our Cybersecurity Consulting and Advisory Services address the essential elements of cybersecurity, from policy, governance…


Implementation Services

Through our implementation services we aid companies like you to assess enterprise cybersecurity environment…


We transform security services to next level of cyber defence. We strive to build the solution at Centre of excellence Lab and extend the services to customer for testing specific use cases and executing the POC at customer premises. Hence, providing better ROI by protecting the existing IT security investments. Our Transformation solutions are:


SAO Platform

Our SAO platform maximizes the benefits from existing and new IT security investments and human resources. It significantly elevates…


Threat Intelligence Platform

To fully harness the power of Threat intelligence, we offer you an intelligence-driven security approach and identify the right people to staff the program.


Fraud Detection and Investigation

When risk events occur, monitoring helps discover and deal with events faster. With OSINT monitoring, we help protect physical products…


Governance Risk & Compliance mgmt.

We manage and mitigate your business risks, enabling you to evaluate all business and regulatory risks in a structured manner.


Identity and Access management

IAM defines and manages the people and access rights of specific network users and the environments in which users are approved…

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