Initiatives of ALTEN Calsoft Labs have been always employee centric. Taking care of our people is one of our utmost responsibility. Welfare of the society and bringing happiness is one of the main concern of our vision and values. Starting from women empowerment, rural education and development, to organizing donation camps for the needy ones, encouraged by BREADS, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has been contributing to its outmost CSR Activities.

Every woman deserves respect and dignity, total independence of their life, lifestyle in and out of the house, right to own decision, right to high social respect, equal judicial rights, non-discrimination towards any type of education, right to own financial choices, right to any employment, right to safe working location with proper privacy. ALTEN Calsoft Labs has empowered 6,000 Women through gender equality, livelihood, education and skill training programmes every year.

India is a republic with more than 1 billion citizens, and just 1/3rd of them can read. This is the result of some of the toughest challenges of the country like rapidly increasing population, shortage of well-educated teachers, lacking public funds, etc. This is the reason the poor kids of India are not getting the basic facilities of education. Contribution of both public and government can only safe the future of these needy children and help then to have a life they deserve.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has reached out to 50,000 Children from rural villages and urban slums are through rights based and supplementary education programmes every year.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has organized donation camps for the needy children where volunteered employees donate their old but good conditioned items that include Clothes, School Bags, School Uniform, Books to the needy.

This Diwali, ALTEN Calsoft Labs celebrated by celebrating the DAN Utsav encouraged by BREADS (Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society) earlier called JOY of Giving Week. In this donation camp, our volunteered employees enlightened the life of those who need our support to light their home. The DAN Utsav aims to spread love, joy and happiness among those who are less fortunate than us and for each one of us experience the joy of giving. DAN Utsav is celebrated all over India and is gradually gaining popularity. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ employees are really contented to help BREADS in such a noble cause.

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