Cloud Management and Automation


Centralized Automation Manager (CAM) is a next generation Cloud management and Automation platform for Telecommunications Service Providers and Enterprise Users. It is the most advanced and innovative open standards-based platform that can serve as an aggregation, integration and customization point from a broad ecosystem of cloud service providers. CAM can manage multi-cloud environments , running anything from traditional to container (cloud native) workloads. With CAM, you can integrate any 3rd party tools for Service function chaining and automation. Its NFVops based VNF manager (for VNF instantiation & orchestration) can manage & Orchestrate customer premise equipment and provide Service function chaining.

Why Cloud Management and Automation

Integrated Services

  • Flexibility to integrate with any public cloud or private cloud
  • Integration through RESTful API
  • Specific use cases – DevOps, Test automation and Cloud ops

Disaster recovery services

  • Minimise the risk of widespread data loss
  • Reduction in Application downtime due to a localised failure
  • High availability of critical applications

Multi-vendor support

  • Run workloads in multiple cloud service providers environment
  • A single Dashboard for better control of resources
  • Flexibility in services across multi cloud platforms

Multi cloud management and data flexibility

  • Ability to create virtual data centres across regions
  • Secure data for specific workload resides within certain national boundaries

Why Distributed Cloud is Important today?

Enterprises and communication service providers are facing a significant shift in the industry that has the potential to impact both revenue and market share in a short to medium term. Companies are demanding an increased level of service and capability while also expecting reduced complexity and greater ease of doing business. The competition is starting to evolve with the increasing use of brokered services that threaten the market share and revenue of Enterprises and communication Service providers. There is a need for improvement in service delivery that can help in increasing the current revenue at incremental increase on cost side. The operational impact of managing a growing number of services

How CAM can help?

  • Accommodate the specific needs of the business without significant changes to the core system
  • Generate the anticipated gains in revenue and market share in the shortest time to market
  • Accelerate the delivery of the required business systems from an estimated 1.5 to 2 years of development to 2 to 3 months.
  • Capability of rapidly performing zero touch provisioning of new subscriber services in the cloud at the provider edge of the network, and in managing a diverse array of devices on premises.
  • Remove the risk of implementing the required system to the desired standard and demonstrate the specific use cases relevant to Enterprise customers and communication service providers.
  • Embrace a broader multi cloud strategy- Automate deployment and management of application, network services and centralized Orchestration.

CAM – Key features

Cloud OPS

  • Provides comprehensive feature set for VNF on boarding, deployment automation, lifecycle management and orchestration
  • Interfaces for easy integration with third-party EMS/NMS and NFV Orchestrator (e.g. NFV Director)
  • Zero touch activation and one touch provisioning of Network services across the locations
  • ETSI MANO compliant VNF Manager Framework
  • Policy enforcement for services and VNF instances
  • Allocation/de-allocation of NFVI resources


  • Continuous deployment and Continuous delivery ( CI/CD) – Provisioning automation and deployment automation
  • Release Orchestration and pipeline automation
  • Value stream alignment through visibility in entire pipeline
  • Calendar view of multiple releases
  • Dependency mapping, right use of naming convention & vetted environment images
  • Rightly configured analytics solution with telemetry source from each tool involved
  • Third party tools integration
  • End to End CD ecosystem

Test automation manager (TAM)

  • Multi domain test automation
  • Integrate multiple Test Framework environments
  • SDK for test automation framework
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Test under multiple environments
  • Template based customization
  • Independent Report Customizations
  • Suite Selection, Data Driven
  • Test Artefact’s, viewing and analysis
  • Bug Filing

Manage and Operate

  • Manage SLA’s, operating platforms, security, growth planning and cost control
  • Integration with Private and public cloud environments. Integration via available API’s for cloud agnostic system
  • Automated solution planning, design, cost comparison and governance
  • Automated solutions ordering, procurement, provisioning and deployment
  • Analyses cloud service performance, utilisation and growth
  • UP scaling and down scaling (Auto Scaling) of resources based on customer requirements
  • Disaster recovery services for all critical workloads and services
  • Complete Life Cycle management by Creation of Service catalogue, cost and recovery, and Service enhancement
  • Order fulfilment through Service Catalog, Service Inventory, Service Order Mgmt., Resource Inventory, Network Inventory, Location Inventory, Service Provisioning, and Service Activation
  • Service assurance through Trouble ticketing, Service QOS and SLA Management

What CAM Platform Delivers?


Provisioning infrastructure and application resources with your choice of consumption (API, Catalog or CLI) based on pre-defined policies and permissions.


Provisioning and maintenance of resources are automated through the creation of blueprints (models) that include all the components of requested services along with their relationships, including a mix of VM and container-based services.

Cost Management

Comprehensive reporting and analytics to improve capacity forecasting and planning while optimizing workload placement, resource acquisition and utilization.

Multi-Cloud Management

The platform allows Integration with public and private cloud service providers through REST API. It allows 3rd party integration through API for service chaining and Service management.

Operations Management

A unified view of health and utilization, automated performance management, accelerated capacity and planning decisions and proactive discovery of issues before they impact end-users.


Provides additional integrations with 3rd parties and custom applications and tools. Multi cloud integration and cloud control panel provides the ease of management and scalability of services with a short period of time to the customers. Test automation manger has the capability to run on multi- vendor platform for test suite management.

Our Service Offerings

Solution Engineering

ALTEN Calsoft Labs builds, develops, deploys and manages end to end solutions for Communication service providers, Cloud service providers and Enterprise customers for Multi cloud management and automation. Alten Calsoft Labs solution engineering capabilities on cloud management and automation includes creation of orchestration platform for Zero touch provisioning and one touch automation of Network services for remote offices and branch locations. The platform can integrate and orchestrate with NFVops based VNF manager for VNF provisioning.

Solution Development

ALTEN Calsoft Labs solution Engineering team has experience in developing solutions based on Open standards like Openconfig, YANG, TOSCA and netconfig. Team has developed open standard based SDN controller on ODL/ONOS platforms and contributing into ODL communities. The NFVops based VNF manager orchestrator will provision and orchestrate VNF’s. Self- service portal developed by the team has customisable blue prints, metering and charge back solution. It has model driven API for automation.

Solution Integration

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ solution engineering team has experience in integrating 3rd party appliance and other system via RESTful API’s. The solution Integrates Multi-cloud platform via API. Also integrating with customers’ OSS/BSS system for IT service management and Operations.

Our Value Proposition to CSPs & Enterprises

Best of breed Solution Engineering

Open Standard based Cloud management platform helps customers to create customisable frame work. It has standardised data modelling such as OpenConfig, YANG, TOSCA, and Netconf, to improve integration and interoperability. The feature set includes Auto scaling of resources and Multi domain test automation for vendor platforms.


The platform has highly automated for service functions and standardized provisioning of resources.. White label offering will help customers for easy branding of the customised portal based on the requirements.

Cost Optimisation

Customer can leverage commodity hardware for building the platform to avoid vendor dependency and minimise the cost. Single pane of glass management view reduces management and support cost. Integration with other system via RESTful API and model driven API reduces the management of multi- vendor platform.

Scalability and Resiliency

The system is capable of accommodating specific needs of the business without significant changes to the core business system. The system will also provide customisable blue print for metering and charge back.

Customized offerings

Centralized automation manger can be tailored to unique business needs, with the flexibility to support legacy hardware and applications. Moreover, our services are compatible with various co-hosting models, allowing an enterprise IT environment to be uniformly managed, irrespective of whether it is legacy compute, private or public cloud.

Deep domain expertise

Over the years, we have gained rich experience in delivering solutions pertaining to application development, engineering, and re-engineering ALTEN Calsoft Labs has a proven track record in helping global businesses transform their IT landscape for significant improvement in the availability and reliability of IT infrastructure.

Lower TCO

ALTEN Calsoft Labs using open standards and tools for Solution development and solution integration. Using off-the-shelf hardware components and virtualization to rationalize operating expenditure, capitalizing on the cloud model’s pay-per-use aspect.

Increased Business agility

The platform enabled automated provisioning and management of applications, and corresponding infrastructure resources, to facilitate an agile and responsive IT environment. It will reduce the time to market of new products and services through faster and accurate decision making.

Our Service Offerings & Value Proposition

Best of Breed

Open Standard based Cloud management platform framework


Highly automated and standardized provisiong.
White label offering for easy branding.

Cost Optimization

No Vendor locking- leverage commodity hardware.
Single pane of glass management reduces management and support cost.

Solution Development

Standardisation such as OpenConfig, YANG, TOSCA, and Netconf, to improve integration and interoperability Auto scaling Multi domain test automation

Scalability & Resiliency

Accommodate the specific needs of the business without significant changes to the core business system. Customisable blue print provides metering and charge back

Solution Integration

Model driven API’s for automation. Integration with other system via RESTful API Intent and policy driven automation



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