WiMax Base Band Board Development


WiMax Base Band Board Development

About the Client

The client is a market leader in wireless sector.

Business need

The client envisaged to design a base band card around PowerQuicc (MPC8555E) processor with Fujitsu WiMax 802.16 SOC (MB87M3400) and Broadcomm GMII (BCM5482) for 1GB Ethernet interface.

Solution delivered

  • Hardware Solution:
    • Complete HW Design, Board Design, Prototype Development
    • Both RF and IF interfaces along with PCI interface
    • MPC8555E processor with 64Mbyte of Flash, 512Mbyte of DDR2 SDRAM
    • Varying processor speeds in the same design
    • 8 layer small form factor board with Mezzanine SOC card for FDI mode of operation
  • Software Solution:
    • Board support package to work under MonteVista Linux
    • Memory check for both SDRAM and Flash
    • Interface check for the SOC as a memory device
    • Interface check for the Ethernet port
    • Loop back verification test for the Ethernet port

Business benefits

  • Customized memory and interface check options
  • Both Flash and SDRAM support

Technology stack

  • Hardware: PIC18F2450, USART, USB, GPIO
  • Firmware:USB Printer class Enumeration, Rs232

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