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About the Client

A leading online university in the US.


Automating Cross browser testing and identifying failed test cases using browser and web automation.

Business benefits

Screen comparison was done for UI Testing using different browser versions and OS. Browser automation reduced the manual effort of comparing the screens for the same browser and version by 30%.

Process automation highlights

  • Based on the functionality, the test case methods are grouped and executed as Test-Suite from Test NG in the Browser Stack cloud environment, in different browsers and browser versions
  • The browser automation workflow consists of:
    • Browser Stack captures video recording for the test-suite, which helps to check the failed test cases
    • For current active build or release, captured video screen shots for a specific browser version are compared with previously available stable build’s screen shot image
    • The TestNG assertions are used to assert if the screen comparison is passed or failed which are made available from the TestNG report


  • Tools : Selenium Web driver, TestNG, JAVA, BrowserStack JAVA and Apache JAVA Commons API for image comparison

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