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About the Client

The customer is the larget international provider of face-to-face and online tutions using qualified teachers with a susccessful track record of nearly 4 decades in proving the best of breed learning solutions for all age groups.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web based tutoring platform that helped our customer in offering remedial tutoring services to students online, instead of the current face-to-face tutoring offered through franchisees. This platform is a database driven,content and tutoring delivery environment with collaboration features for student-tutor interactions.

Business need

The customer envisaged a robust learning platform addressing

  • Flexible VLE design to support numerous question types associated with different tutoring subjects and dynamic metadata
  • Migration of existing CD-ROM tutoring content consisting of lessons, questions, graphical/mathematical/science tools and rich intuitive multimedia files
  • Integration with existing lesson planning and franchisee management software
  • Offline model to support users with limited bandwidth/internet connectivity

Solution delivered

The solution implemented by ALTEN Calsoft Labs encompassed the following features:

  • Silverlight based virtual learning solution using Telerik Silverlight based controls that provide rich user interface
  • Migrated existing tutoring content (with over 100,000 questions) to the SQL database with metadata to drive the virtual learning platform
  • Collaboration features for students and tutors (whiteboard, desktop sharing, audio and video conferencing etc,)
  • Role based learning, homework and administration portal
  • Lesson planning tool & quiz builder
  • Pre-enrolment assessment for lesson planning
  • Question editor and meta data builder
  • Mobile learning support

Business benefits

ADU measures static and differential pressures using 2 pressure sensors and impact pressure using the temperature probe (PT-100). ADU transmits these
air data parameters via two identical ARINC 429 digital lines.

Provision is also made to calculate according to pin-program, correct & incorrect air data. ADU has built-in features for self tests to check the hardware and software integrity.

Architecture of ADU is centered on TMS320F2812 DSP chip, which is interfaced with temperature and pressure sensors. DSP performs complex arithmetic based on pressure readings to calculate various aerodynamic parameters.

  • Precisely accurate

Technology stack

  • Development Environment: Silverlight 4.0, Microsoft .NET, C#, Expression Blend, Ajax, CSS 3.0, JavaScript & SQL Server 2008
  • Third Party Controls:Telerik Silverlight Controls & Reporting

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