Thermal Printer Control Card Design



About the Client

The client is a promising vendor of micro-controllers.

Business need

The client envisaged to design and develop thermal printer control card hardware based on M16 series Renesas micro-controller for industrial and commercial applications. The design supports both 2” and 3”thermal printer mechanisms.The challenges faced in the process includes the following:

  • Design and develop a cost-effective, feature-rich controller that supports multiple size print mechanisms (2” and 3”) and is fast enough to handle continuous print jobs
  • Support multiple mode operations like master and slave operations
  • Master mode had to support SPI interface so that it could be interfaced to any host Supporting SPI interface
  • Development of APIs which could be used by any host for interfacing with the controller/printer

Solution delivered

  • Designed and developed thermal printer controller card based on Renesas R8C/25 processor with master and slave interfaces
  • Developed motor controller interface and Fujitsu printer driver
  • Designed & developed software for thermal printer application on prototype board
  • Performed integration testing with printer mechanism (2” or 3”) application as per approved test plan
  • Fabricated, assembled and tested prototype board for required number of prototypes

Business benefits

  • Multi-mode Support
  • Variable print size support

Technology stack

  • M16 series micro-controller from Renesas
  • Motor controller
  • Board firmware
  • SPI /Rs232
  • APIs for SPI interface
  • PADS & Orcad

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