Testing Services for a Healthcare ISV



About the Client

The customer is a leading provider of health informatics solutions for rural and critical access hospitals across the US.

Business need

The customer was looking to partner with an independent verification and validation partner who could provide them the best of breed healthcare solutions leveraging vast healthcare experience and test automation assets & frameworks.

Solution delivered

The solution focused on providing outsourced product engineering services comprising development, testing and sustenance for a suite of Hospital Information Systems product of the customer. The development and testing services from us resulted in a “ready-to-deploy” product for the customer.

The core highlights of the solution are

  • Detailed management dashboards – with weekly and monthly metrics resulting in an increased control over the delivery
  • Testing services covered Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Interoperability, System/Regression and Performance Testing
  • Automated testing for core functionalities and performance

Business benefits

ADU measures static and differential pressures using 2 pressure sensors and impact pressure using the temperature probe (PT-100). ADU transmits these
air data parameters via two identical ARINC 429 digital lines.

Provision is also made to calculate according to pin-program, correct & incorrect air data. ADU has built-in features for self tests to check the hardware and software integrity.

Architecture of ADU is centered on TMS320F2812 DSP chip, which is interfaced with temperature and pressure sensors. DSP performs complex arithmetic based on pressure readings to calculate various aerodynamic parameters.

  • Precisely accurate

Technology stack

  • OS: Microsoft Windows
  • Tools: .NET and MS SQL Server
  • Testing Environment:Test Partner, QATraq
  • Issue Tracking: Mantis
  • Team size: 73

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