Testing Lab Information & Workflow Management Solution


Testing Lab Information & Workflow Management Solution

About the Client

The client is a leading bio-technology company.

Business need

The customer wanted ALTEN Calsoft Labs to develop a flexible, configurable solution that helps researchers, technicians manage sample data and automate workflows. Laboratory Information and Workflow Management solution increases the efficiency and productivity of personnel by avoiding tedious data entry that is prone to human error and seamlessly integrates with various laboratory standard machines.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ team of 40+ testing professionals did the following to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Third party integration and testing of lab instruments and devices with the workflow and project management systems
  • Quick automation scripts facilitating bug reproduction and exploratory testing using Selenium IDE
  • Carried out UI Testing, System Testing and Performance Testing
  • Robust regression testing targeting multiple platforms using Selenium Web driver
  • Using our Selenium + Sikuli based framework, we provided complete UI automation solution for the following:
    • Automated jQuery and JavaScript based UI screens
    • Employed our proprietary automation framework and TMMi compliant practices that resulted in reduction of cycle time by up to 40%

Business benefits

  • Consistent approach to test automation and execution across customer projects
  • Minimized time to market for new features rollout using proprietary framework
  • Achieved 70% automation for target laboratory information and workflow management solution comprising – Sample Mgmt., Custom workflows, Standard lab machines interface, DMS and Security

Technology stack

  • Tools: Selenium, Sikuli
  • Language: JAVA

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