Tablet Application for Online Tutoring



About the Client

The customer operates a global franchise business and is a pioneer in delivering tuitions to all age groups right from pre-school through to Year 12.

Business need

The customer intended to deliver excellent online learning environment, student experience and learning on the go through a mobile/tablet application.

Solution delivered

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ team was involved in UX design, mobile application development and testing services. The team developed an application that allows the tutor to be mobile and able to complete core tutoring functions whilst interacting with the children and parents. The tutoring app supports multi-device and multi-format delivery of tutoring content with simple navigation and modern look & feel.

The mobile application has features such as:

  • Lesson plan update
  • Student Information View
  • Session/Course Selection, Student Progress
  • Payments Tracking
  • Attendance

Business benefits

  • Delivered rich engaging learning content for students that enhanced student participation, interaction and fun
  • Identify new revenue streams thus having a direct impact on profitability

Technology stack

  • HTML5 , Android native app and iPhone native app versions, AJAX

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